Monday, September 9, 2013

A Wonderful Baptism...

hello hello

this week went by reasonably well.  then sunday came around, we  were pretty excited for audreys baptism. we had a member family pick her up and drive her to church.  i went over to shake her hand, and she told me she was not ready... joobies audrey, quit being a diva already.  i had her come with me and we stood by the baptismal faunt and we talked about it for a while before church started, she had called her mom the night before and told her she was going to get baptized, and her mom was surprised and not really ok with it, sheesh, even though audrey is 31, anyways audrey was super sad and worried that her mom would never understand and that she started doubting if she was ready for baptism; i did a little "review" with her to check for her testimony, still rock solid. she went to relief society and i went stressing out to priesthood.
         right after priesthood i went straight over to find her, and just told her straight up, you need to decide right now 100 percent if you are going to get baptized and endure to the end, i talked to her about her mom, in time she will come to accept it, and the best way for her to accept it is to see the change in her daughter after her baptism, audrey chilled out alot, said yes, and was super super happy from then on, joobies, divas these days.
           the baptism went by great, alot of people stayed for it after sacrament meeting, we had a less active member we have been working with give the talk on baptism, audrey started balling her eyes out, almost as much as mom when we start looking at old photos ha ha.  i baptized her, it took her a good 5 minutes to come down into the faunt, she was up in the bathroom with the sister missionaries crying for a while ha, it was a happy cry though, so its all good :)
            special musical number with violin and piano, LEGIT.  and then ate some good food afterwards. all in all it went really really really really well.  i was super happy for her, she has changed alot, its been a battle, tooth and nail the whole way, a roller coaster of emotions and  yes's and no's and crazy hard questions, but i would just bring it home with the SCRIPTURES, like it says in my patriarchal blessing... interesting.
            anyways i got one more week left here in versailles, need to go hard :) and then i think i might get transfered out to bretagne france for a few transfers then back up to belgium for the rest of the year... yeah i think that sounds pretty good

anyways much love, talk to you all soon

Monday, September 2, 2013

Winding Down in terms of Time, but NOT in Terms of Effort...

So anyways, this week was good, well Damba will not be getting baptized this transfer most likely... we will continue to see him and meet with him, he is having some family problems and we can never see him. But Audrey is getting baptized!! oh wow what a miracle, like seriously i wish i could explain everything to you, she is super super super legit, the ward LOVES her.   She asked me to baptize her... ah joobies i cant say no to that :)  we taught her law of chastity, tithing and word of wisdom this weekend, she accepted it all.  she came to church and i went with our ward mission leader to help her find baptismal clothes after sacrament, in the hall she told me she was so happy she wanted to cry and she will probably cry a lot on the day of her baptism; i told her to let it rain with those tears, may as well fill up the font half way and let her fill up the rest, joobies shloobies.  Everytime she starts talking about how she met us at mcdonalds she starts to get all teary eyed ha ha. she is super nervous though, so i told her a little story, "audrey 6 months ago, while serving in le mans, i received a phone call informing to me that i needed to make up my mind if i was going to go home a transfer early for school or stay out till after the end, my comp and had already chosen to go home early, i really really really did not know, then i dreamed that i was home after my mission and i was talking with mom and crying and asking her why i did not stay out the extra 6 weeks, when i woke up i prayed and knew without a thread of doubt that God would put someone on my path the last 6 weeks that was looking for the gospel, there was no doubt in my mind,voilà" she was all good after i told her that... no worries :)
We had an out of control crazy african rendez vous, ha ha i will have to tell you more about that later, i recieved alot of praise afterwards from the members who came to teach with us, come on boys help me stay humble here ha ha:) .... it was just a bible bash

i got my plane ticket info a couple days ago... yikes
anyways all else is well, we are going to the louvre today, for the 4th time for the me ha ha ;) ca va
much love
talk to you soon

Monday, August 26, 2013

Trying to Fit it All In....

bonjour tout le monde

had a pretty good week this week, however it just clicked in my head that my last weekend in france is a stake conference, and thats the weekend that we had planned on getting our investigator damba baptized and inviting the others for the same date september, but classic other church meeting get in the way of when we want to have baptisms joobies, so i have to figure something out, maybe just baptize him on saturday before the saturday session, we will see.
             we taught audrey again a couple time this past week, it went super well, she knows its true but is having a hard time commiting for the baptism.  before our last rendez vous, i told my comp, she is going to cry this rendez vous... and she did. haha she came to church which was great, so that is going good
             constant, another ami came to church as well, he is super cool and really like the church meeting, we knocked on his door a few weeks ago, he said it was like God knocked on his door in one of our later rendez vous; good stuff good stuff
              on friday we went over to visit a couple we have been teaching, sandra and patrick, i had to say what needed to be said, chastity, if you want to get baptized you either have to get married or move out, they took it ok i guess, they understood, but they are not really doing anything to make the necessary changes..
             anyways that is about it, i really really hope this whole stake conference thing doesnt ruin too much stuff the last week of the transfer, we will see.  the days are going by too fast, thats messed up, i try not to think about it too much, i always thought i would just be out here in france as a missionary for the rest of my life, nope. mais c'est pas grave

thanks for everything, much love
what do you guys want from france? 
just thought i would ask. Mariah??? ha ha

Monday, August 19, 2013

A GREAT week...

hello hello

this week was a pretty good week, went by really fast much to my dismay but it was pretty legit. emillion is doing great, she came to church, long train and bus ride for her, but she did it, it was really good, shes doing fine, we saw her twice and come to find out her son in law is one of the student of the member who came to teach with us, so the member frere ya called him out and kind of told him what was up, the church is good, so stop being a noob and he invited him to church, so its all good ha
               we had a great sunday as well, 4 investigators at church, the sister missionaries kept on asking me what are secret was ;) ha ha i just told them well about 10 percent of the people who say they are coming actually end of coming so you can do the math, go talk with some peeps! we have a baptismal date with one of them, damba, he is a really cool guy; super super humble, just need to stop smoking, hopefully we will be seeing him tomorrow.  Audrey came to church which was a bit of a surprise, a couple days ago i was standing in mcdonalds ready to get my grub on with my big mac, i noticed this chick that was staring rather obviously at my pack, so i'm like ça va? long story short we start talking, she is african, but born and raised in france, real parisienne, she looked a go go dancer in one of snoop doggs music videos, anyways she was super happy to meat an american and told me she wanted to come to church, and she did, ha ha during my lesson during second hour; i got called by frere ya to give the lesson, there was a good 15 people in the classroom; the subject, people of the covenant, so i talked about covenants for a while and quickly turned that into a lesson about baptism! haha because thats whats up.  i got a bit of nudging from the boys, saying well done on bringing a hoochie momma to church aha, we passed her over to the sisters..
               all else is going well, i got to see one of my baptisms from last year in cergy, chantal, met up with us in versailles, it was good to be able to talk with her, and catch up, wow one year already, we were both pretty shocked at that
anyways thanks for everything, talk to you all soon

much love

Monday, August 12, 2013

A TOUGH Day...

hello hello

this week was pretty good. but probably the hardest sunday of my life, hardest day of my life joobies. on my way to church walking; called emillion to make sure she was on her way because she was getting confirmed this last sunday, i was on the phone with her, and right away from the tone of her voice i new it was not ok, she said she was not coming because she didnt want to leave her kids, her kids are being the devil and trying to convince her not to continue, we saw her the day before and she was great, her kids who are like 30 didnt even want to join us and were being super immature in the kitchen when i invited them to come join us.  anyways i was distraught.. i wanted to throw up almost, but i talked with her on the phone for a good 15 minutes and finally got her to promise me that she was going to come and get confirmed and recieve the holy ghost, she is so torn, but she came and got confirmed, i ended up doing it, because the member didnt want to, geeze.  but i had a couple members who she is close with reeally talk with her, i think things will start going better now. i had to give the lesson in priesthood while we were figuring this all out, and then, she called telling me she forgot her bus pass so i had to find a member that had a car and drive us up there, it was out of control, but its all good now, i will be calling her tonight to go and see her on wednesday.
    my lesson went well though ;) haha and we had a couple other amis that came, so that was good

i am at the mission home now, just had my interview with president and his wife, went well.  yesterday me and my blue went out to teach this family that lived over by all these big bats, we had eggs thrown at us from the windows, probably muslims... haha but i did some legit judo dodging

anyways thats about all, talk to you all soon, much love

thanks for everything, and all the advice, it helps alot

bisous bisous

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Baptism...

hello family
this week was pretty good, emilionne got baptized on sunday, it was awesome.  we finally decided to just go ahead with everything and have her get baptized on sunday; so we saw her almost every day the week before the baptism. we asked her this past thursday who she wanted to have baptize her, i told a bunch of members that she knew that would happily baptize her, she said she would prefer if we baptized her, what a surprise ha, so i told her elder sughroue would be happy to do that for her, he didnt understand what i said until after the rendez vous, but he was pretty pumped when i told him after, he said he didnt think he would baptize someone for at least the first 6 months of his mission
the baptismal ordanance went by smoothly, afterward she had the opportunity to bare her testimony; and her two sons and their wives came, which was cool because they were all really catholic, and didnt really want their mom to get baptized, but when she bore her testimony, she said, i know my kids didnt really want me to get baptized again, but i followed my heart and did what i know is true.  i thank the missionaries. one of her sons started to cry a little, it was good to see ha. once the kids saw the church and met the members and us, alot changed
we had a few other investigators come to church; one of them named ricardo and his french wife, so that was super cool.  he invited us over to eat at his place, it was super good, i did plenty of magic tricks, it was too much fun haha
everything else is going well, i got news that i will be spending my last transfer here
so all is going well, now we just need to get back to work and get some baptismal dates fixed, we some serious potentials.
so everything is going well. thanks for everything i appreciate it
much love :)

talk to you all soon

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Time...

hello hello
it has been a hot week and a long week, and our preparation day is almost over already; pretty ridiculous.  we did fix a baptismal date this past week, its a bit shaky but we will be seeing her, more ofter now so hopefully we can get that one going well soon.  not much else is really new, we still do alot of finding, contacting and porting, lots of bat porting, finding tons of people but none of them really progressing and vacances have started so everybody in france leaves on vacation for like a month which does not really help things.  a family did invite us over to have some crêpes on sunday evening so that was a nice break from the normal flow of things.
we took the metro into paris today, gonna hit up soldes while its the last week, thats all the shopping i wanted to do, then i will be good until the end of my mission
i dont know if you got the photo i just sent you of dominique, what a cool dude, found him doing some bat porting in strasbourg two weeks before i left, cool to see that his baptismal date stayed sure and now he is a member of the church; good for him and even better for the ward (they need it)
as to answer your questions about what i want to do after my mission, i dont know... alot of people have asked me, i need to give it some serious thought, i will figure something out, school yes, rugby yes, have fun with the fam yes, but the rest i do not know, i dont even know whats majors exist, i will probably set up some kind of appointment with a byu counselor see what i like and see what would be the best options to take, so yeah i will let you guys know what i think of next week
anyways much love, thanks for everthing

talk to you all soon
bisous bisous

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Going Well...

hello family
sounds like a pretty fun summer so far, stadium of fire, good times good times.  its starting to get super hot over here as well, especially when down in the metros; joobies.  things are going ok, we are teaching lots of lessons now, well above the mission average, and found 7 new investigators this past week; 3 of them came to church on sunday so that was great, people tell us that we are tearing it up ha ha but i still hestitate and stress a bit, because we want BAPTISMS, so there are some things we need to do better or differently to get baptisms this transfer;
the ward is cool, sunday was great we got to present ourselves, my blue did a pretty good job ha ha i wrote down a few things he could say, he did a good job, it reminds me of the first time i was training because it was exactly one year ago and it was summer, i was in a suburb of paris, its like its happening all over again, pretty weird.
nah dont worry about sending me anything, everything is good, shoes socks and shirts that i have should last me until i come home, however i was thinking, i did want to profit from soldes; or sales that are going here for the next month, everything is super super super cheap, its a national thing, so if you want to slip just a few dollars on the my ol visa card, that would be great :) ha ha i dont even remember how much money i have on there now, or my password, is that a problem??
anyways things are going great, the apartment is better now, we have warm water, and the other stuff is figured out so its all good
we are off to go eat paninis and crêpes in the "secret" spot that i know in down town paris, its super cheap and then off to throw around the football with elder burgess and his comp later this afternoon in front of the eiffel tower mahahaha what pimp daddys
thanks for everything, talk to you all soon 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Moving (again), and reaction to Zach's call (to Uruguay)...

hello hello

wow uruguay, joobies, i guess all these rugby tours to south america has just been getting him ready for them south americans; and i thought for sure he would come to france i would train him in my last transfer... ha nah i kid, wow that is super super super cool, is he excited about it?? i am pumped that i get to see him for a few weeks before he leaves on his mission, thats legit.  its so crazy all the changes that are going down back home and out here in the mission; too much change; but whatevs, sadly this email will be alot shorter than i would like it to be, this will be my last p day here in strasbourg.... yeah i got the call yesterday that my days as a zone leader are finished, president thanked me and said i was one of the best zone leaders in the mission ah shux, but now i am white washing again, the FOURTH time, this time i am going to versailles, one of the richest parts of france and i will be training a new missionary for my last two transfers, YAY haha i did want to train; i am super excited about it all, the versailles ward is huge and hopefully we will have a good amount of baptisms
             we had the baptism of blessing godday this past sunday; it went really well, super happy about it, the ward loved it too, they are lovin all the baptisms!! ha i am going to miss strasbourg soooooo much; probably my favorite city as far as cities go. only doing one transfer in antony and then is strasbourg is hard, you just start to get close with all the members and the area and then you peace out; its hard, but the young adults wanted to say goodbye tonight, so we are going to go say goodbye to them, and all the investigators and memebrs that i am close with; today and tomorrow, and for sure the two baptisms we had while here.  so we have alot planned out
            heres my address for versailles before i forget, facebook that shnizzle :)

Elder Josh Webber, Les missionnaires
6, rue Romain Gary 

we MUST come back and visit strasbourg as a family after the mish; ooohh too legit here

but anyways this week was good, we fixed another baptismal date with a french man named doinique, i am a bit sad that i wont be here for his baptism, but ça va aller.  P.S. my young comp elder adams said this morning that i have the best french in the mission hahah ho hoh ho ho ah joobies, just had to throw that out there boys and girls

the work is going great here, i was happy to be a part of the change, i really hope that the ward now picks up it game and works harder, feels the joy and excititment that comes from doing missionary work

it was fête de la musique this week, a national music day in france, where they play music EVERYWHERE, it was OUT OF CONTROL here, i may or may not have danced with mario to some techno beats in the streets on the way back to the apartment, totally got some video evidence.  it was pretty cool though.

anyways talk to you all soon
classes look great, thanks for doing that :)

much love

à plu

Monday, June 17, 2013

21 Years OLD!

hello hello
yeah birthday was great, 21 years old, joobies that is not okay, its gonna take some getting used to saying that.  thanks for the birthday cards, twas very funny indeed.  the dinner with the members went great, they fed us soooo much food, and gave me huge birthday card that all the members from the ward had written on.  I even got a phone call, i answered and i couldnt recognize the voice, she just started singing happy birthday, then finally i realized that it was patricia a member from le mans; the le mans members called me and wished me happy birthday! ha that was the best part.
      yeah i guess i have lost quite a bit of weight, i honestly just dont really eat that much any more, my stomach has shrunk alot ha ha to the dismay of my companion, "dude dont you ever get hungry?" lets go back and eat.  i'll start eating some more pasta i guess
      we had 4 investigatos at church yesterday; blessing who is getting baptized this sunday; as well as anna a young german girl, 23 i think, charles, my home boy who we are suppose to play basket ball with pretty soon, and fabioula, a lady we met doing some porting a little while ago.
     I have to say that we were doing some contacting on our way home from an investigators house yesterday; she invited us over for dinner, and i contacted this young woman; she was athiest of course, but super nice and "open minded" or so she says; we talked for a while and low and behold she pulls the classic, religion ties me down, i dont need people telling me what and what not to do, its not free.  something like that, I DESTROYED HER, in a good way though, i told her madame, i have been speaking with people in the road for a long time now, and i can say that the people that i find are the most tied down or say the EXACT same things EVERY time are aethiest, i can literally predict everything that you are going to say, why you dont believe in god and why you dont like religion. "oh yeah?" she said, i explained to her how in fact athiesm is generally speaking the most closed minded way of thinking and the farthest you can get from freedom, she had nothing to say... then she said "well if i were to join a religion it would be-" "yeah i know budhissm" i said, and i hit it right o the money; oh ha ha ha ha aeithists just crack me up sometimes; but honestly we laughed and i was nice, ended on a good note
things are going great, loving the ward, HUGE gay parade came by infront of our apartment, i kind of got carried away and ran into the crowed taking a video, i stood out... they all started sitting down on the streets, until i was left the only person standing surounded by hundreds of flamers and shemales, playing my video camera in my white shirt and tie, ha ha ha scatter boys!!!!
anyways thanks for the cards
talk to you all soon
much love

Monday, June 3, 2013

Doing GREAT!

hello hello
ah yesh the ol united alumni games; always the best; joseph what a pimp daddy ha ha, thats pretty cool, and zachs graduation, wowzers; it doesnt seem like too long ago that i was at my graduation at the marriott center, joobies. and now he is waiting his mission call; crazy stuff, i got an email from bracken mudrow last week, that was cool.
we have a baptism coming up this saturday so we are pretty excited about that, and then one planned for the 15th, now we just need to fix some more, we want to have at least two more dates this week; there is so much potential here and we want to keep having a healthy number of dates and progressing amis.
so things are going really good so far, we have zone conference coming up next week in paris with elder ballard so that is something that we are looking forward to as well.
yeah strasbourg is prrrrretty pretty, you should see where are apartment is, pretty legit, we bumped into a member from the states on our way home to the apartment the other night, he for sure reminded us how lucky we were to be serving in a place like that. its true ha ha, we see members from america from time to time; its funny because i can spot them from a mile away.
i love to just go out and talk with peeps, i am trying to get my younger zone leader comp in the same state of mind ha, once you make that click in your head and you see it as something friggin legit and fun; you see success, hes a good guy
we had 4 investigators at church; and the ward was kind of freaking out; ha ha it had been a while since that had happened, oohh the joy of coming into a ville after some missionaries that slacked off, that is one of the postives of having to start the work all over again.
anyways i think that is all; i got zachs gradutaion announcement, twas very cool; thanks
talk to you all soon
much love

Monday, May 27, 2013

A Lost Camera!

hello hello
so i'm gonna start with the bad news and get that out of the way; a couple days ago; my camera got stolen, i would say that is has about 80 percent of all my mission pictures on it, i am devasted about it; i just wanted to crawl into a hole and cry when i saw that it was gone, seriously the hardest week of my life this week; ive been sick; its been raining non stop, but enough of that the good news is; elder stephens made copies of all videos i have taken and alot of my pictures; i found that out last night; almost wanted to cry from happiness, but i called all the bros last night and asked them to send me all the photos they have of me and they are all gonna help me out; so yeah; i dont want you to worry about it too much; dont worry i still have another free memory card and the presidents wife is going to send me a camera, because she just got a new one; its been so hard not to just worry about it all the time this week, makes me sick just thinking about it; but honestly it was super good news that alot of my past comps have photos of me and stuff like that; luckily i have kept a pretty good journal too, so yeah there is the bad news.
       the good news is that we have 2 baptismal dates now; and the work is going on pretty good, people are saying that strasbourg has been ressurected ha.  our first bap date is for June 8th; so we are working hard on that one.  oh yeah; so all the boys are hopefully going to be emailing me all of the photos they saved and i will be forwarding them on to you guys; so make sure you save them or print them off as you get them; that way they are all safe, pray so that by some miracle i will find my camera again.  but i do need to stop worrying about it and just get on with it.
       The zone did alot better this week; so we are super happy about that, week 2 district meeting went great, and everything else is going fine
much love, talk to you all soon :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Doing Well in Strasbourg...

hello family

well well well that is just too legit; well done boys well done indeed, that brings back sweet sweet memories, thats super cool, i would have loved to see those games; the boys have seemed to turn into some really impressive rugby players; joobies, i'm gonna be noobing it up for a while once i get back; little fish in the big ocean.
         strasbourg is going great, whitewashes are not always easy, we came in, the apartment was a mess, like flippin all over the place; so if i see those other missionaries will be having a talk with them, noobs.  we are still pretty lost; we know how to get to the church and an email place; so i guess that is all we need for now. but everything is great, we found 4 new investigators this past weekedend; we were gone all of friday in paris for zone leader mission council.  The rest of the zone did not do well at allllll, wowzers; these cities have been struggling for a looong time now; like its pretty bad, not gonna lie, but luckily we have week 2 district meetings coming up tomorrow so we will have the opportunity to see and talk with our zone; try and get things rolling; great people; just need a little more motivation and know HOW to do certain things i think.
        strasbourg is super pretty; alot of students out and about; our apartment is right by the river; where there are all the boats next to the side that have been transformed into student bar dance party things; so its super loud at night; and add the annoying bells ringing every 30 minutes from the protestant chapel accross the road.  It looks like germany; all the street names and towns are german names, this place got owned by the nazis during world war 2, so its like i am in germany but the people speak french; the region is called alsace, its like german france; the older people speak alsacien; i dont know if i spelled that right; its like a mix of german and french. but i really really really cool looking city, you should look it up.  I will send you some pictures as soon as i take some ha, its been raining non stop since i have got here ha
        church was great; its a ward of about 50 or 60 people there use to be alot more about 20 years ago; but there has been some major church drama, and alot left; but the ward is great, bishop is super cool, got to meet all the members this last sunday.  
         we are hoping to set a couple baptismal dates this next week; this is the first trasfer as zone leader for my comp and he is loving it up ha, he says all the time; is it this easy when you are a zone leader?? ha ha its NOT to brag, he has served in alot of really small cities his mission, but honestly its all about just knowing how to do it, i am looking forward to serving with him; hes a farm guy from nevada; cool dude; elder adams.
         i am looking forward to keep raising the bar, talking with EVERYONE, get on that tram or bus; start from one end and talk with peeps until we get to our stop, i find i am the most happy when i am working my bum off ha ha but its great, sometimes i lose my companion, there is going to be some good times here in the ol strasbizzy; mine and elder adams motto for this transfer is "do it. do it right. do it right now." -nasa slogan haha

I think that is just about it, i am super pumped to be here and keep working till the end; i hope i actually spend more than one transfer in this ville ha; that would be great; i'm pretty sure that i will :)

much love

talk to you all

A Move....

before i forget; here is my new address :)
Elder Webber, Les Missionnaires
6 rue Ernest Munch
67000 Strasbourg
post that puppy on facebook, keep the fans happy ha ha i kid i kid, but seriously...
yeah it was really good to talk to you guys yesterday, super super cool, and motivating, just what the doctor ordered before shipping me out to strasbourg to do some serious finding of new investigators.  right after i skyped you guys we went over and visited the family mantsounga, an african family; little did we know that they invited half the congo over to their little apartment place. in all honestly there was at least 18 people in the room eating some mad african food up in that joint, some of them werent members so i strategically situated myself next to them on the couch and ended up having a great discussion about the book of mormon; eventually gave her one before the meal was over; so it was a good night; we took some pics that i will be sure to send you in the mail soon :)
much love
pumped to start up the strasbourg zone
talk to you all soon

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another 'Tism

hello fam
that sounds like some pretty good news all around; lots of stuff going down; rugby games; conferences and homies getting married (that is not okay) ha ha come on luke what are ya doin?? nah i kid i kid we always knew he would be the first ha.

Things are going pretty good, Kareena got baptized yesterday, it went really really well, great day all around.  The zone is doing really really good too, so we are pretty excited about that; i was going to send you all some pictures of the baptism but i forgot to bring my cord to upload some photographic evidence, so i will have to send them to you next week :(
we ate some really good asian food on tuesday; me and my comp had to go meet up with one of our district leaders to do a baptismal interview for one of their investigators; she is from the phillipins and made us sommmme mad nems and spring role actions; holy moly some seriously good asian buffet up in that joint; it was a good time.  we had our exchanges with the aps this week as well; my old brussels comp elder dicataldo is ap and he went with my comp cuz i went with him last time, it was a good exchange i went over to versailles.
so it was a busy week with another exchange with elder miller one of our district leaders,and other baptismal interviews, so sunday roles around and we had not found any new amis this week; that is not okay; so we fasted and prayed, after the baptism of kareena on sunday, we went out and did some bat porting; we prayed to specifically find a family of 4, and lo and behold at 8;35 pm, the last door before going home, a mom answers and lets us in; turn out she has two kids and a boyfriend (they need to get married), soooo a family of four, super legit woman, it was cool.  a guy also gave me a free coke even though he wasnt that interested, but i was super thirsty; it was hot in that ghetto bat.
i am super happy for kareena; she has changed sooooo much; already, she had to quit smoking and always reminds us how much happier she feels now, its super cool
xavier is doing great; being a BOSS, should be getting the priesthood soon; he is going to introduce us to his friend this evening, we were walking back with him from kareenas baptism and he called us his heros, ha ha ah shux xavier, he is too legit, he gave his testimony this last week, i went up to him afterward to thank him for his testimony and say good job; he reminded me kindly that it wast him that gave the testimony it was God speaking through him ha good stuff he is super excited to get the priesthood and bring his friends to church
now we just need to go back out there and fix new baptismal dates, find some more elect, so back to the old grind; its always fun; always meeting some cool people, every day is a party in paris, the craziest stuff happens every day; keeps things fun
anywho i think that is all
talk to you all soon on some skypizzle
bye bye

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Baptism (and some pictures)

hello hello
super wierd to see the photos of you guys; everyone looks pretty different; blowin my miiiiind ha. but thats cool; thanks.  Has zach already sent in his mission papers, if no then when do you think he will send his in?? when did i send my in??  wow byu sign ups are already starting? holy smokes thats intense i dont even know what the jew i am supposed to be doing, joobies.
          But we had xaviers baptism this past saturday in versailles because their chapel has a baptismal font, it went super well; so happy for the guy; he has made some major changes since the first time we taught him in that park a little over 2 weeks ago.  We have Kareena's baptism coming up this sunday, we are pretty excited about that; and super busy.  we had interviews and our zone formation this past tuesday; it went really well; i felt like our formation went pretty good; i got a bit carried away; telling our missionaries that they need to "persuade" in the good way their investigators to accept the gospel, and the power and authority of our calling; oh if we could all just be BOSSES like paul; totally my goal before finishing my mission ha i kid i kid
          ummm i sent you some pictures that i my comp sent to me from the mission facebook page, so i guess i did find a way to send you some photographic evidence of whats going on over here
          pretty much that is it; the baptism went smoothly except for when the member who gave the talk on the holy ghost decided to tell the story of the time he gave a priesthood blessing to the to the photo copier; but you can bet your sweet biscuits that photo copier found the strength to print off those last few pages ha ha oh my dear goodness.  i am just loving this ward here in antony, they are too much fun; tonight we are going over to a members house tonight to do a family home evening with the investigator that is going to be baptised this coming sunday; looking forward to that.
         anyways i have to bounce; super cool to see the brethren and the sister;
much love

Settling in to the new Zone

hello hello
this morning as we were getting ready to leave i was looking out the window when i saw two black kids try to steal a phone from a girl; (they couldnt even get it, noobs) right there down on the sidewalk in the middle of the day; cars passing by and everything; people in the park right next to them; then after they failed they jogged away and just starting walking again like nothing happened, so i told elder miller, who lives with us to come with me and we went downstaires and outside; we followed them down the road; they saw us and started getting pretty scetched out; we crossed the road to try and get closer then the little noobs just sprinted off; i dont think i wanted to emberass myself and try running after them; but we gave them a good scare i think; twas funny twas funny
so this week in the zone of PARIS SUD, every one of our companionships found new investigators and has a baptismal date; yeah that like doesnt ever really happen, so we were pretty excited about that, president talked a little about it on conference call this morning; go zone go! they are a great bunch of elders and sisters, i am thankful for the opportunity i have to work with them all and see their progress and hear about their miracles
we fixed our second baptismal date this last week with a kareena; a 29 year old girl, she is super legit. and we met another great great guy a couple weeks ago; that we are hoping to fix a baptismal date in the coming days.  Xavier is going great; he has quit smoking and came to church yesterday; everything seems to be going great, keep praying for him.
towards the end of this week things seemed to get a little harder, contacting in the road seemed to become more difficult; tons of muslims; and we would try and bash them instead of just telling them whats up and walking away; so we need a to refocus a little and keep working hard and effectivily to find those elect that are still out there.
but things are going well, we have interviews with president tomorrow and are giving the zone our formation; that we have been thinking alot about, i dont know how much time i have left a  zone leader so i have to make these last few formations the best possible haha, nah but it will go good, we are excited.
it was rush hour one day and we were coming from a lesson; we got on one of the trams leaving from porte d'orléans, which is pretty darn busy around evening; long story story short some younger girls thought it would be funny to shmeegle my bum, yes it was pretty jammed packed, keep your hands to yourselves girlies; sheesh; i think i gave her a stern enough look that they stopped but then i couldnt help but laugh and get off; oh joobies
this week elder thomas and i decided we are going to do a special day of finding to find a FAMILY that is prepared and ready to accept the gospel and be baptized, we are really looking forward to that
anyways thats about it, thank again for everything
talk to you all soon

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Wonderful Week...

We have had a pretty good week 2 of the transfer; we worked super super hard; because we had to get things going here, we have a baptismal date with a man called xavier, he is a boss.  on wednesday we did a spiritual finding day, we fasted and did nothing but finding the whole day; talking with people from sun up to sun down; it was the best day ever; there was a member, the first councilor in the bishopric who wanted to come do some contacting with us in the road, i said sure; i know his family pretty well from le mans; nice guy, we had tons of success that day; i think only now are we really starting to realize all the mircales we saw that day.  during the late morning we were praying behind a parked car, before starting again to talk to people, right after we finished i went up and talked to a man that was walking by; we talked a bit; i saw he was interested so i invited him to talk more with us in the park; he said okay; he's xavier, and we have seen him 4 times since then; he came to church; he said he had been praying and looking to know how he could come closer to God, and everytime we meet with him he tells us how happy he feels when he talks with us or prays, cool guy; he has a date for the 27th of April
             we met another girl Kareena, who is going to come do a family home evening with us tonight with a family in the ward, she is so legit; and we are hoping to fix a date with her as well; for the 4th of may.  we found a couple families from south america as well; too bad i dont speak spanish; but i am working on it; hoping to get my testimony down in spanish before i go over there again this next week.  luckily there are quite a few members who can speak spanish and come with us; but we had a super good time with the family from ecquador the first time we went over; she laughed at me when i tried to say some stuff in spanish ahaha it was pretty funny.
             i got a call from my last call that they regained contact with the merchado family back in le mans; louis the dad had a heart attack and so they were at the hospital for the longest time, but now its all good; it was some really really good news to hear.
            i met the ward this last sunday; it was super cool; pretty big ward of a little over a hundred people; very paris; lots of diversity, i spent a good bit of time after church talking with the african moms haha they said if they thought i was french haha ah shux; now if i can get french people to say that; that would be money.  its a really really cool ward though; so i am pretty excited; i have thought that it might be possible that i will finish my mission in this ward; that is crazy to think about; but that would mean i would spend 4 transfers here; im okay with that; paris is paris; everyday just the craziest things happen.
            I am hoping to be sending y'all a letter; explaining a bit more about the mish life here in paris; there is just too much i barely have enough time to write it all down in my journal; but things are going well; we are going to be doing a spriritual finding day this week on thursday to specifically find a young family that will be baptized; i have faith that it will happen; God answers sincere prayers it is as simple as that.
            i have been thinking alot about the people i have baptized lately, collette, gracia, chantal, françois, philomen, laticia, and ludivine; i love them all ALOT and that motivates me to help guide and do all that i can to help others follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, pray for xavier, kareena; and pamela.
much love

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Working Hard....

hopefully zach is feeling a little bit better; let me know how the hammer of justice rains down upon the noobs that just dont know what to do with their lives, ha but anyways seriously hope he is doing good.  it was cool to see the pictures of you guys in vegas, pretty legit photo of mariah in paris; veeerrry proffesional; who took that photo? ha  Ben looks like some random dude who i dont even know haha i still he is still wearing my adidas jacket; look ben if you miss me so much that you feel you have to wear my clothes thats kinda weird hommie ha i kid.
      Antony is going good, it was a super hard week, there are no investigators... or anything really going on here... i take a few deep breaths and try my hardest to not start asking a bunch of angry questions, its kind of frustrating, like come on guys what were you doing the last 6 weeks. we will just have to start from scratch, it's gonna be a week of straight finding coming up; but i'm excited!!!!  but really my new comp is a super nice guy, first transfer as a ZL, it will go good.
      conference was good, we went to the versailles chapel to watch it; so i havnt really even met my new ward yet; but its cool i will meet them all next sunday, conference is always fun with all the missionaries.  I live in a four man apartment; its pretty good, a new blue is with us, ah i just love being around blues; honestly they remind of the good ol days, ha ha i want to train again. but being ZL is cool too :)
       anways; i would love some pics of me playing byu rugby; i think alot of members dont believe me that i play because they see how skinny i am haha especially now; joobies, the last pictures you sent me were of you guys fishing and our last camping trip.
       I think that is everything, have a great week

much love, pray for us so that we can find some legit people :)

talk to you soo

Monday, April 1, 2013

Off to Paris...

Ah hearing about Zach makes me prrrretty mad, that is some frustrating stuff super super frustrating stuff, i feel super bad for zach, maaaaaan. i guess the good thing that comes out of it all is that he will have some legit battle wounds.  but joobies i wish i was in that game, it makes me think about how lucky i was to not have any serious injuries like that, i feel like the clock is just winding down until it hits me... joobies, knock on wood. send zachaly my bro hugs, he's a great guy; great player; miss him tons.
           anywho, my last sunday here in le mans was really really great, ludivine got up during sacrament meeting and bore her testimony and thanked me for everything, it was legit; i loved it. i dont mean to toot my own horn here but when i stood up during the first hour with the priesthood and relief society and announced that i was leaving all the members moaned ha ha, it was good to say bye to all of them and talk with them all for a while after sacrement. a family came to church that we helped move a couple weeks ago; so that was cool, they really like it, as well as a couple other investigators that we have been seeing.
            i havnt really started packing yet and we leave up to paris on wednesday; but its all good; not too much stuff to pack, so thats good.  i will be staying in a 4 man apartment up in antony, they recently moved to this newer apartment because the other one has barred up windows and some sketchy barbed wire gate, word in the mission is that it was pretty ghetto and some missionaries always slept with a pick axe ha ha.
           I am here at Patricias house saying good bye to her family; she invited us over and cooked us up some lamb, twas pretty good.
           i got your easter package; it was really good thanks; especially the letters and all that, good stuff.
How does zach feel; i imagine he is pretty bumbed, but is he coping with it well? you know i thought his nose always needed a little plastic surgery... ha ha too far.
           if you are ever wondering what to put into a package or letter you send me; photos are always the best ha. i enjoy seeing you guys.
           I get super weirded out when i think of how much time is left on my mission; only 4 transfers, joobies; probably 3 transfers in antony and then get kicked out to some small french ville to train a new blue or work until i die, but theres still so much that i have to accomplish, not enough time ha, I think alot about all the stupid things i used to do before the mission and really hope that i will be a changed individual by the time i come home, its been a good long year and half of repenting; changing, working, falling down again and getting back up over and over, Paris france mission is a hard mission; but the best one, the kind of mission i needed the most,  and summer is just around the corner; and i literally have a hard time thinking about something i would rather be doing than missionary work in paris during the summer; its gonna be a party everyday; i heard the ward up there is mostly africans ha ha pretty legit.
           anyways thats about it, thanks for everything, talk to you all soon

much love


27, rue de Fontenay 

heres my new address; i am opening up a new zone in southern paris in the ghetto haha, antony zone, because we are getting so many new missionaries we have created some new zones

A Hard Week.

hello hello

sounds like a pretty fun trip you all had over in london; to watch zach play; that is pretty intense, oh before i forget; i recieved your package today; thanks! all the stuff is great, was really funny to read all of your letters.
wow thats crazy you guys were in paris not too long ago, if you were up there this last friday then we were in paris at the same time, wooah ha. i could never get enough of paris; that place is just too legit, i did some contacting at la defense when i was district leader up in cergy and i would go on exchanges with the saint ouen elders, and mom eating a chausson aux pommes; tis indeed one of my preffered pastries, even though technically it is not a pastry. you shouldve eaten a pain au chocolat aux amandes, that is my favorite. but ça va ça va
         This week was hard; probably just as hard, maybe harder; thanks to an idiot member who has been ex communicated twice it is extremely unilkely that patrice will be baptized, nah i cant blame the member, but he for sure didnt help, things are just going from bad to worse, i've been pretty lost spiritually lately, my companion is slowly losing his desire to do anything and its only his second transfer here, not really knowing what direction i am going, les tempêtes sont venue. I'm not saying i am looking forward to being trasfered out of here, but i need a good restart; i have tried looking back at what i have learned; i have learned alot. but its hard. i just try to work hard, do what should be done, if my comp complains or i dont see success, then thats another problem.
          there was some good stuff that happened however; we were invited over to eat with a family that we have seen a few times; they fed us chicken feet soup; it was pretty interesting; you put the whole chicken foot in your mouth; cruch it up with bones and all, swallow the skin and spit out the bones ha, it tasted alright; but it felt super weird; they looked like little baby hands ha joobies
         we went knocking on some doors last night; a lady let us in; we had a grreat rendez vous with her, i talked with her quite a bit, she is legit; has a few young kids; is seperated, but said she will do anything to have the spirit in her life; she cried quite a bit, it was really good. for sure showed me how much i really have, the things i should be thankful for, i like her alot alot; we will see her again on tuesday when my "fils" blue, comes over to le mans to do an exhange with me, if everything goes well we will be fixing a bap date with her.
          anyways i think that is just about all, thanks again for the package it was great, i am excited for zach that he has started his mission papers; i have so much to tell him; i will have to write him an email or send him a letter

much love 

elder webber

Monday, March 11, 2013

An Ending Date, and All Goes Well....

hello hello

we had a pretty good week this week, patrices baptism is still good for the 23rd so we are pretty excited about that; we are going to go over and see him this evening with a member.  we were not able to see dexters family this week cuz they were out of town; and the merchados have been gone too.
       we did alot of bat porting this past week, and got let in a good 3 times in one night; and met some really cool people that we are going to be seeing again soon.
       I decided that i will be staying out here until the end, meaning the 18th of september, theres still a few things that i have to figure out but i think it will all go pretty good.
       thats cool to hear that london and nathan had thier farewell ha, good stuff good stuff.  I only have about 3 weeks left here in le mans, so still working really hard trying to engage people to live the gospel and be baptized; there is for sure still people here that could be baptized in less than 3 weeks, so the search and work continues.  patrice didnt come to church this sunday for the first time in 5 weeks; so of course i automatically start jumping to conclusions; but as far as we know he is still good; pray for him. the weeks before baptism are always so hard.
      thats about it, some crazy weird; and funny stuff goes down everyday; maybe i should step up my game and write you guys some letters ha, well my bad; i will get on that.
         we have zone conference this coming week up in paris with a member of the 70. elder richards; so that should be pretty cool.

thanks again.

much love; talk to you all soon

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Still Deciding...

hello hello

Still havnt 100 percent made up my mind on coming home dates, joobies, its okay though, good advice, i appreciate it; i will choose and then be happy with my choice and move on.
      we have had a pretty busy week though, Patrice the 50 year old ex doctor french man we have been seeing for a few weeks finally accepted 100 percent to be baptized on the 23rd yay. It was really really cool, we spoke to him after church on sunday, i asked him if he had a few minutes we found an empty room and sat down, then we just told him that he was ready and he knew he was ready; so just do it man! ha and he said yeah; hes super excited about it, pretty cool. we pray that everything goes well for his baptism.
         i taught the investigators gospel principle class during church; it went super well, some super weird guy showed up, a guy who has visited the church in years passed, before the class started he was asking all sorts of dumb questions; like how Jesus was really crucified; we were about the start the class and he was still jabbering off; so i asked him to step outside for a minute; told him i was happy he was there with us, but bro, seriously, you need to close your mouth, there are other people here who want to learn, he took it surprisingly well; and the lesson moved on smoothly.
          we were driven out to a members house that afternoon with patrice to eat tooons of crêpes, twas good; the members said some weird stuff, its always a worry what weird stuff members are gonna say when you are with amis, but ça va.
          we had week two district meetings, went to angers, did our formation, then straight to blois, did our formation, then spent the night at tours, after doing some contacting in blois, then went to poitiers the next morning, did our formation, then up to paris to come back down to le mans; joobies; it was good stuff though; good to see all the boys.
         we got invited to adventist church saturday morning; so we went; it was pretty good; long story short their paster dude is a noob, but its cool, we's all just brothas in Christ Jesus
         merchados are going well; just aaalways sick; and kinda slowing down spiritually; we need to be more bold with them; but first we need to see them; its so hard with this work and all their sick kids, going through some pretty trials, but maybe it will help them in the long run make the commitment.  Dexters fam is doing good, we should be giving them baptismal dates this week, itll be good.
        all else is well, thats pretty crazy that zach is starting his mission papers, yatta

much love

Monday, February 18, 2013

Staying Put...

hello family

soundsl like things are going well; zach has another trip over to england; sweeet.  and ben drives; thats so weird.  
i was pretty happy to get the news to stay in le mans, but a bit scared at the same time; i have never spent 4 transfers in a ville before; thats a long time! 6 months! and le mans is really not that big of a city haha, just have to go balls out; rely on the Lord and get these investigators baptized. family merchado, patrice, dexters family and olivier.  Ludivine was pretty excited to hear that i was staying and her family as well; so that was pretty cool.
        everything else is going great, ludivines baptism is this weekend; thats pretty cool.  Patrice is going great; he walks to church now; which is like an hour walk; but he likes sooo ça va. he knows that it is true; he just needs to do it and get baptized.  DJ dexter king is going good; he wants his kids to come every sunday; he went to huge party in Nice, that he had to DJ, hes a crazy dude who likes to party but still a good guy ha ha.
       i went on an exchange to angers again this week and that was alot of fun; found 3 new investigators, three african ladies let us in; we had a great lesson, before we left i started to bust out some of my lingala; once i found out they came from the congo, i spoke a little bit of their language ha and they freaked out like african women do; laugh laugh laugh scream scream scream; i told them we needed to eat some foo foo with pondu sauce and they laughed even more ha; good times good times.
        anyways; thats about it, we are pumped to go find a ton of new amis these first two weeks. remember to pray for dexters family; merchado family and patrice

thanks a lot!

Back on Track....

hello family

it has been a pretty good week. its good to hear that the brethren tore it up down in las vegas; good times gooood times, and ol lukey and danny dan are going well; thats good stuff; congrats zach and ben, just remember every time you score a try you should think to yourself "wow that was pretty cool; good on me, but josh could have done it alot cooler" ha ha ha i kid i kid, in all seriousness i am excited to watch you all play; and play with you guys.  Pops off to nz again; be sure to tell grandma i said hello.
         we had 6 investigators at church again this sunday; it was great, we should have had 11 but some last second problems came up and one family could not come.  we saw ludivine and her family, she is super excited for her baptism; the fam was a bit sad when they found out that i might not be there for the baptism; we took some pictures. we fixed the goal to have 15 amis at church this next sunday; it is going to be crrraaazy ha ha. im pretty excited.
       we visited the merchado family this week, the rendez vous was kind of dificult because they have lots of kids, and they are pretty crazy loud sometimes; and we were late, we left the rendez vous feeling pretty discouraged.  while walking home to the apartment for the night we had the thought that maybe we sould turn around and go back and talk with them, we decided to pray, we were already late and we were pretty unsure if it was a good idea.  when we finished the prayer, some random african dude walked around the corner on the street and said bon couragen ha ha we took that as our sign and went back to see the family.  they were suprised when they opened the door; we just asked the dad what he was scared about; he said he wasnt scared to be baptized, we talked for a while; with the mom; she said she was scared; we asked her to pray, which was super super super hard for her; she was shaking; but she finally did it, and asked God if these things were true; it was a great moment; and we left, now it is 100 percent in the hands of the Lord. good stuff
        Patrice the french man is going great; he came to church; he loves it, we invited him to be baptized when he knows these things are true, he said yes; we are excited for him, hes a great guy; who had one of his babies die, and his other son is handicapped; and lives with his ex wife; rough life; rough situation.  but hes a great guy; he gave us cake last time, and made sure he wore a tie to church on sunday ha
       everything else is going great, we had exchanges with the elders from orléans; that was great.
we continue to teach the other families and we are hoping to set up baptismal dates with them this coming week.  we had a few lessons in some bars this week where we went out contacting and someone would offer to buy us a coffee or a beer; we'd except a hot chocolate and we had some good lessons. one was with sylvie; an investigator that has known the missionaries for a while; we were pretty straight up with her; she cried alot; im hoping she will come around

all else is well, have fun, party hard, in a good way.

much love; talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This week has been good, alot of pondering, self assesing and what not, tis good.

We had interviews with president this last week, they are always really good, he said i was working too hard.... WHAT??? or i guess he said, driving too fast without too much gas in the tank.  I told him how i was bothered that i go into a ville; fix baptismal dates then usually get shipped out for another missionary (usually somewhat of a slacker to be honest) comes in and baptizes them.  But its no problem, me and pres had a good talk about it, it was good stuff.  So i am intrested to see what will happen to me this next transfer, really interested.  yeah i only have 2 and a half more weeks in this transfer; then i am pretty sure that i am leaving, but we will see.
           ludivine is going great, no doubt she will be baptized on the 23rd of feb, her family is super pumped and so is she; she has changed soo much; it is cool to see.  We gave all of the merchado family priesthood blessings, it was good, we talked about faith, i almost cried, which is weird because i dont cry on my mission, i usually feel it differently.
          we went down to la rochelle after interviews and spent two nights there, we had a good time; found some new investigators, worked hard; we were doing some bat porting; got let in, some buddhist woman, she was french; we talked for a while; she said a couple of her babies had died, i told her what happens to babies after thy die, why that sometimes happens; she cried and cried and cried; it was good stuff, i hope they go see her soon; i will follow up with them about that.
           we had 6 investigators at church yesterday; the ward was pretty pumped about that, it still wasnt enough to open up the overflow wall, but we will get there soon enough ha, if the family merchado had come; they would have opened that puppy up for sure ha
          we were invited to catholic messe by one of our old investigators; sylvie, so we went; she wanted us to speak with the priest after, masse what great... such a blast... really felt the spirit of revelation in that one... the priest max, took us out to a pizzeria with sylvie, and yes he paid, so i guess you could say the pope bought me pizza ha ha yatta.
          at first it was a good discussion then he turned sour quickly, we went back to his office thing, where he got pretty hot headed haha we had that one in the bag, once you loose your head homie, you loos all credibility, what was funny is that even sylvie, who is professed catholic was siding with us, because of how stupid some of his arguements were haha i almost felt bad for the guy, but anyways it was good, probably wont be doing that again though; we have better things to do then listen to catholic priests cry and pout
          all else is well, we found a legit guy; patrice not too long ago; he came to church; we are pretty excited about him. 

talk to you all soon

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Busy Week...


       Week one of the new transfer is already over; all that moving around in Paris all over and done with.  we had to drive up to paris for mission council because we were going to leave the car up there for the other missionaries because we dont have drivers licenses here in le mans, so the angers elders came over early in the morning, elder burgess and his comp^, my old blue elder guymon, and us four drove up to paris.  guymon drove because he is the only one who could, i think we almost died about 5 times, paris isnt the easiest place to drive in.  but it was all worth it when we drove by the eiffel tower.
         The Marchaedo family is going great; we invited them to be baptized for the 9th of february; and they are still praying to know for sure.  Ludivine is confirmed to be baptzed the 9th of February; I am super excited for that.  We dropped by the family Marchaedo to say goodbye before Elder Stephens left last week, they gave us Bolivian blankets and hats haha with lamas on them, the mom is going great; she is for sure french and was born as aethiest as they come; but wow she has seriously changed since the first time we met her.
         We found 2 new families this first week; that we are pretty excited about.
         It snowed on sunday and today; so there wasnt a whole lot of members at church; french people are just the biggest babies when it snows; a couple centimeters and they freak out haha. but we had a pretty legit snowball fight afterward with the kids; i pwnd some little kids from a mile away; head shot ha, our ward mission leader wasnt too happy with us though; we got too much snow in his car haha
          Week 2 district meeting tomorrow with the whole zone down in poitiers; we are pretty pumped about that.  I dont know if i told you that this transfer is only 5 weeks long instead of 6 so it will go by super fast; I'm hoping to that things will continue to move along as quickly as they are here in le mans

Monday, January 14, 2013

Staying "Put" this Transfer...

Thanks again for the package; twas good stuff, as for requests of what to put in the next one you want to send; i cant think of anything specific; its all good, i have plently of candy though, so you dont have to worry too much about that ha

I learned how to drive stick this past week, its a bit hard in these little french roads, crazy drivers man, but i mastered it like a BEAST.

We got transfer news and Elder Stephens is leaving; going to be zone leader up in brusseles; the same apartment that i lived in; too bad hes going up in winter, he's excitied to go up there; he's heard me say tons and tons of good things about brusseles; so he's pretty pumped but super sad that he is leaving le mans; we did WORK here, was good stuff; he shall be missed.  I am staying here in le mans; getting a new companion; it will be his first as a zone leader; he is a missionary from my mtc group; we lived in the same apartment in cergy; so that will be fun; but maan me and stephens got along great; that's what the whole ward was telling us; they had never seen two elders with such unity; yeah buddy; but it's s'all good.

We had 2 baptisms in Tours this last weekend; tours is a city in our zone, a mom and her daughter; that i had ported into over 2 months ago when i was doing my exchange over there with a young missionary, we did some bat porting; and knocked on all the doors; she opened up and i got her number; i remember leaving that building saying to the other missionary; "sorry about that, not too much success; we will go try another one" now that woman and her daughter are baptized; cash money.

The Marchaedo family has baptismal dates now, for the 26th, they explained to us how we came about finding them when we did porting one night, biggest miracle ever; i will explain it to you all next week; it takes a while to write it all down.

we also fixed a baptismal date with Ludivine; fiiiinally; she should be getting baptized on the 26th as well, so we are super excited about that.

But now the marchaedo family and the other two families that we are teaching are all sick; darn those sicknesses, so we hope that they get better soon; so we can start seeing them again as soon as possible.

Anyway i think thats about it, starting a new transfer; always busy stressful stuff; going up to Paris; lugging the suitcases through the metros; helping lost missionaries; then mission council and then Week 2 district meetings. party woohoo

thanks again

much love

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Good Start to the New Year

Hello the family, thankyou for your prayers for the marcaedo family; they are going great; they told us yesterday at church that they have made the decision to come to church every sunday from now on; so thats good!

New years was great, day off, we had two dinners, one at 5 and then one at 7, so intense; so much food, my comp convinced me to take some laxative, i have no idea if that is spelled right, and im still not sure if that was a good idea or not. But it did the job in flushing the ol system out  :-). The first dinner was with the family rocci, clear out in the woods; 45 minute drive, frere rocci said he doesnt want us to leave; so he asked me for president's number, his wife tried to convince him not too, but he called pres anyways right after we had left, i told him we should stay here in le mans ha

We went down to la rochelle for an exchange, that place is nice; it was weird to smell the ocean, really pretty city, but alot of tourists. took the train out the next morning to district meeting in angers, and then back home; we didnt start missionary work in our own ville until friday; sheesh, but we still managed to get quite a few things done.

I got the second package with the tie and lone-wolf shirt and everything ha ha; thankyou much; it was pretty legit.

I am pretty sure that is everything.  We taught a musim guy and his son a few days ago, it was pretty great; we are teaching a jew this evening; and we "tried" to teach and evangelical african the other day; oh, if you could only hear the kinds of things them evangelicals say ha

thanks for the package

much love

Thursday, January 3, 2013

GREAT Week..

'Twas a good christmas week; got back into the swing of things on wednesday, and now we have 3 days coming where we wont be in our own ville; we will be out doing exchanges down in la rochelle, by the beach!! it worries me that we will be out of our town for that long, but its all good, things will work out

skyping you guys was great; even with the brothers nudity constantly flooding the background ha; funny stuff funny stuff.  i will go down to the post someday soon to see if my package is there, if they just messed it up or something

yeah the transfer ends in about 2 weeks, i really really hope i stay here at least one more transfer so i can see the baptims of nadege, marchaedo family and disola family, i would be prrrretty bummed if i left, i dont want to be sent to another ville where the missionaries before have been slacking off, it makes me angry sometimes just thinking about it. ha

we went and saw the georgian family again; we werent sure if we would ever go back based on how our last rendez vous went; but this rendez vous was awesome, the best yet; it was short, we just bore testimony, read out of the Book of Mormon and shared personal experience, when the closing prayer was done the dad alexandre who is probably one of the most aethiest guys i have ever met, tried to offer us some  more orange juice but he couldnt speak; too choked up, it was good stuff. great family.

all else is going well, i pray that i will stay at least one more here in le mans ha

the family marchaedo didnt came to church this sunday because their kids were sick; half the ward wasnt there because of some sickness that is going around, but we had 2 investigators there anyways; it went really well

all is great, we are going over to a members place tonight to celebrate new years, president doesnt want us out on the streets because there will be too many drunks dudes runnin around

much love

talk to ya soon

Christmas Email...

Yeah it was a great sunday, yesterday we had 9 again; but 9 different investigators than what came last week, now we just need to get them ALL to come, 18 haha and they will have to open of the overflow, woohoo

so we will be skyping you guys around 6 O'clock tomorrow; christmas day, 6 oclock p.m. our time here in france, i thiiiink they have two computers, so plan on that.

we had a pretty good week this week; christmas zone conference; that went really well, then we went and did exchanges in orléans, i chose to go with elder gardener; who is in his 4th transfer and wants to go home; we did contacting for 6 hours because they didnt have anything planned; we did get a good 12 phone numbers; so that was good; and set up some rendez vous; but he wouldnt talk to anyone, at the end i kind of made him, hes sad because hes not doing missionary work and hes not doing missionary because he is sad; its a cruel cycle, but anyways; it was good for me to do alot of talking to the frenchies; my mouth was pretty dry and jaw pretty tired by the time we were done

everything else is going good; we are visiting one of the families we are teaching at 5 tonight; then over a members house for christmas eve dinner

talk to you all soon

peace out