Monday, April 1, 2013

Off to Paris...

Ah hearing about Zach makes me prrrretty mad, that is some frustrating stuff super super frustrating stuff, i feel super bad for zach, maaaaaan. i guess the good thing that comes out of it all is that he will have some legit battle wounds.  but joobies i wish i was in that game, it makes me think about how lucky i was to not have any serious injuries like that, i feel like the clock is just winding down until it hits me... joobies, knock on wood. send zachaly my bro hugs, he's a great guy; great player; miss him tons.
           anywho, my last sunday here in le mans was really really great, ludivine got up during sacrament meeting and bore her testimony and thanked me for everything, it was legit; i loved it. i dont mean to toot my own horn here but when i stood up during the first hour with the priesthood and relief society and announced that i was leaving all the members moaned ha ha, it was good to say bye to all of them and talk with them all for a while after sacrement. a family came to church that we helped move a couple weeks ago; so that was cool, they really like it, as well as a couple other investigators that we have been seeing.
            i havnt really started packing yet and we leave up to paris on wednesday; but its all good; not too much stuff to pack, so thats good.  i will be staying in a 4 man apartment up in antony, they recently moved to this newer apartment because the other one has barred up windows and some sketchy barbed wire gate, word in the mission is that it was pretty ghetto and some missionaries always slept with a pick axe ha ha.
           I am here at Patricias house saying good bye to her family; she invited us over and cooked us up some lamb, twas pretty good.
           i got your easter package; it was really good thanks; especially the letters and all that, good stuff.
How does zach feel; i imagine he is pretty bumbed, but is he coping with it well? you know i thought his nose always needed a little plastic surgery... ha ha too far.
           if you are ever wondering what to put into a package or letter you send me; photos are always the best ha. i enjoy seeing you guys.
           I get super weirded out when i think of how much time is left on my mission; only 4 transfers, joobies; probably 3 transfers in antony and then get kicked out to some small french ville to train a new blue or work until i die, but theres still so much that i have to accomplish, not enough time ha, I think alot about all the stupid things i used to do before the mission and really hope that i will be a changed individual by the time i come home, its been a good long year and half of repenting; changing, working, falling down again and getting back up over and over, Paris france mission is a hard mission; but the best one, the kind of mission i needed the most,  and summer is just around the corner; and i literally have a hard time thinking about something i would rather be doing than missionary work in paris during the summer; its gonna be a party everyday; i heard the ward up there is mostly africans ha ha pretty legit.
           anyways thats about it, thanks for everything, talk to you all soon

much love

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