Monday, May 20, 2013

Doing Well in Strasbourg...

hello family

well well well that is just too legit; well done boys well done indeed, that brings back sweet sweet memories, thats super cool, i would have loved to see those games; the boys have seemed to turn into some really impressive rugby players; joobies, i'm gonna be noobing it up for a while once i get back; little fish in the big ocean.
         strasbourg is going great, whitewashes are not always easy, we came in, the apartment was a mess, like flippin all over the place; so if i see those other missionaries will be having a talk with them, noobs.  we are still pretty lost; we know how to get to the church and an email place; so i guess that is all we need for now. but everything is great, we found 4 new investigators this past weekedend; we were gone all of friday in paris for zone leader mission council.  The rest of the zone did not do well at allllll, wowzers; these cities have been struggling for a looong time now; like its pretty bad, not gonna lie, but luckily we have week 2 district meetings coming up tomorrow so we will have the opportunity to see and talk with our zone; try and get things rolling; great people; just need a little more motivation and know HOW to do certain things i think.
        strasbourg is super pretty; alot of students out and about; our apartment is right by the river; where there are all the boats next to the side that have been transformed into student bar dance party things; so its super loud at night; and add the annoying bells ringing every 30 minutes from the protestant chapel accross the road.  It looks like germany; all the street names and towns are german names, this place got owned by the nazis during world war 2, so its like i am in germany but the people speak french; the region is called alsace, its like german france; the older people speak alsacien; i dont know if i spelled that right; its like a mix of german and french. but i really really really cool looking city, you should look it up.  I will send you some pictures as soon as i take some ha, its been raining non stop since i have got here ha
        church was great; its a ward of about 50 or 60 people there use to be alot more about 20 years ago; but there has been some major church drama, and alot left; but the ward is great, bishop is super cool, got to meet all the members this last sunday.  
         we are hoping to set a couple baptismal dates this next week; this is the first trasfer as zone leader for my comp and he is loving it up ha, he says all the time; is it this easy when you are a zone leader?? ha ha its NOT to brag, he has served in alot of really small cities his mission, but honestly its all about just knowing how to do it, i am looking forward to serving with him; hes a farm guy from nevada; cool dude; elder adams.
         i am looking forward to keep raising the bar, talking with EVERYONE, get on that tram or bus; start from one end and talk with peeps until we get to our stop, i find i am the most happy when i am working my bum off ha ha but its great, sometimes i lose my companion, there is going to be some good times here in the ol strasbizzy; mine and elder adams motto for this transfer is "do it. do it right. do it right now." -nasa slogan haha

I think that is just about it, i am super pumped to be here and keep working till the end; i hope i actually spend more than one transfer in this ville ha; that would be great; i'm pretty sure that i will :)

much love

talk to you all

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