Monday, September 9, 2013

A Wonderful Baptism...

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this week went by reasonably well.  then sunday came around, we  were pretty excited for audreys baptism. we had a member family pick her up and drive her to church.  i went over to shake her hand, and she told me she was not ready... joobies audrey, quit being a diva already.  i had her come with me and we stood by the baptismal faunt and we talked about it for a while before church started, she had called her mom the night before and told her she was going to get baptized, and her mom was surprised and not really ok with it, sheesh, even though audrey is 31, anyways audrey was super sad and worried that her mom would never understand and that she started doubting if she was ready for baptism; i did a little "review" with her to check for her testimony, still rock solid. she went to relief society and i went stressing out to priesthood.
         right after priesthood i went straight over to find her, and just told her straight up, you need to decide right now 100 percent if you are going to get baptized and endure to the end, i talked to her about her mom, in time she will come to accept it, and the best way for her to accept it is to see the change in her daughter after her baptism, audrey chilled out alot, said yes, and was super super happy from then on, joobies, divas these days.
           the baptism went by great, alot of people stayed for it after sacrament meeting, we had a less active member we have been working with give the talk on baptism, audrey started balling her eyes out, almost as much as mom when we start looking at old photos ha ha.  i baptized her, it took her a good 5 minutes to come down into the faunt, she was up in the bathroom with the sister missionaries crying for a while ha, it was a happy cry though, so its all good :)
            special musical number with violin and piano, LEGIT.  and then ate some good food afterwards. all in all it went really really really really well.  i was super happy for her, she has changed alot, its been a battle, tooth and nail the whole way, a roller coaster of emotions and  yes's and no's and crazy hard questions, but i would just bring it home with the SCRIPTURES, like it says in my patriarchal blessing... interesting.
            anyways i got one more week left here in versailles, need to go hard :) and then i think i might get transfered out to bretagne france for a few transfers then back up to belgium for the rest of the year... yeah i think that sounds pretty good

anyways much love, talk to you all soon

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