Monday, May 27, 2013

A Lost Camera!

hello hello
so i'm gonna start with the bad news and get that out of the way; a couple days ago; my camera got stolen, i would say that is has about 80 percent of all my mission pictures on it, i am devasted about it; i just wanted to crawl into a hole and cry when i saw that it was gone, seriously the hardest week of my life this week; ive been sick; its been raining non stop, but enough of that the good news is; elder stephens made copies of all videos i have taken and alot of my pictures; i found that out last night; almost wanted to cry from happiness, but i called all the bros last night and asked them to send me all the photos they have of me and they are all gonna help me out; so yeah; i dont want you to worry about it too much; dont worry i still have another free memory card and the presidents wife is going to send me a camera, because she just got a new one; its been so hard not to just worry about it all the time this week, makes me sick just thinking about it; but honestly it was super good news that alot of my past comps have photos of me and stuff like that; luckily i have kept a pretty good journal too, so yeah there is the bad news.
       the good news is that we have 2 baptismal dates now; and the work is going on pretty good, people are saying that strasbourg has been ressurected ha.  our first bap date is for June 8th; so we are working hard on that one.  oh yeah; so all the boys are hopefully going to be emailing me all of the photos they saved and i will be forwarding them on to you guys; so make sure you save them or print them off as you get them; that way they are all safe, pray so that by some miracle i will find my camera again.  but i do need to stop worrying about it and just get on with it.
       The zone did alot better this week; so we are super happy about that, week 2 district meeting went great, and everything else is going fine
much love, talk to you all soon :)

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