Monday, April 29, 2013

A Baptism (and some pictures)

hello hello
super wierd to see the photos of you guys; everyone looks pretty different; blowin my miiiiind ha. but thats cool; thanks.  Has zach already sent in his mission papers, if no then when do you think he will send his in?? when did i send my in??  wow byu sign ups are already starting? holy smokes thats intense i dont even know what the jew i am supposed to be doing, joobies.
          But we had xaviers baptism this past saturday in versailles because their chapel has a baptismal font, it went super well; so happy for the guy; he has made some major changes since the first time we taught him in that park a little over 2 weeks ago.  We have Kareena's baptism coming up this sunday, we are pretty excited about that; and super busy.  we had interviews and our zone formation this past tuesday; it went really well; i felt like our formation went pretty good; i got a bit carried away; telling our missionaries that they need to "persuade" in the good way their investigators to accept the gospel, and the power and authority of our calling; oh if we could all just be BOSSES like paul; totally my goal before finishing my mission ha i kid i kid
          ummm i sent you some pictures that i my comp sent to me from the mission facebook page, so i guess i did find a way to send you some photographic evidence of whats going on over here
          pretty much that is it; the baptism went smoothly except for when the member who gave the talk on the holy ghost decided to tell the story of the time he gave a priesthood blessing to the to the photo copier; but you can bet your sweet biscuits that photo copier found the strength to print off those last few pages ha ha oh my dear goodness.  i am just loving this ward here in antony, they are too much fun; tonight we are going over to a members house tonight to do a family home evening with the investigator that is going to be baptised this coming sunday; looking forward to that.
         anyways i have to bounce; super cool to see the brethren and the sister;
much love

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