Monday, April 1, 2013

A Hard Week.

hello hello

sounds like a pretty fun trip you all had over in london; to watch zach play; that is pretty intense, oh before i forget; i recieved your package today; thanks! all the stuff is great, was really funny to read all of your letters.
wow thats crazy you guys were in paris not too long ago, if you were up there this last friday then we were in paris at the same time, wooah ha. i could never get enough of paris; that place is just too legit, i did some contacting at la defense when i was district leader up in cergy and i would go on exchanges with the saint ouen elders, and mom eating a chausson aux pommes; tis indeed one of my preffered pastries, even though technically it is not a pastry. you shouldve eaten a pain au chocolat aux amandes, that is my favorite. but ça va ça va
         This week was hard; probably just as hard, maybe harder; thanks to an idiot member who has been ex communicated twice it is extremely unilkely that patrice will be baptized, nah i cant blame the member, but he for sure didnt help, things are just going from bad to worse, i've been pretty lost spiritually lately, my companion is slowly losing his desire to do anything and its only his second transfer here, not really knowing what direction i am going, les tempêtes sont venue. I'm not saying i am looking forward to being trasfered out of here, but i need a good restart; i have tried looking back at what i have learned; i have learned alot. but its hard. i just try to work hard, do what should be done, if my comp complains or i dont see success, then thats another problem.
          there was some good stuff that happened however; we were invited over to eat with a family that we have seen a few times; they fed us chicken feet soup; it was pretty interesting; you put the whole chicken foot in your mouth; cruch it up with bones and all, swallow the skin and spit out the bones ha, it tasted alright; but it felt super weird; they looked like little baby hands ha joobies
         we went knocking on some doors last night; a lady let us in; we had a grreat rendez vous with her, i talked with her quite a bit, she is legit; has a few young kids; is seperated, but said she will do anything to have the spirit in her life; she cried quite a bit, it was really good. for sure showed me how much i really have, the things i should be thankful for, i like her alot alot; we will see her again on tuesday when my "fils" blue, comes over to le mans to do an exhange with me, if everything goes well we will be fixing a bap date with her.
          anyways i think that is just about all, thanks again for the package it was great, i am excited for zach that he has started his mission papers; i have so much to tell him; i will have to write him an email or send him a letter

much love 

elder webber

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