Monday, June 24, 2013

Moving (again), and reaction to Zach's call (to Uruguay)...

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wow uruguay, joobies, i guess all these rugby tours to south america has just been getting him ready for them south americans; and i thought for sure he would come to france i would train him in my last transfer... ha nah i kid, wow that is super super super cool, is he excited about it?? i am pumped that i get to see him for a few weeks before he leaves on his mission, thats legit.  its so crazy all the changes that are going down back home and out here in the mission; too much change; but whatevs, sadly this email will be alot shorter than i would like it to be, this will be my last p day here in strasbourg.... yeah i got the call yesterday that my days as a zone leader are finished, president thanked me and said i was one of the best zone leaders in the mission ah shux, but now i am white washing again, the FOURTH time, this time i am going to versailles, one of the richest parts of france and i will be training a new missionary for my last two transfers, YAY haha i did want to train; i am super excited about it all, the versailles ward is huge and hopefully we will have a good amount of baptisms
             we had the baptism of blessing godday this past sunday; it went really well, super happy about it, the ward loved it too, they are lovin all the baptisms!! ha i am going to miss strasbourg soooooo much; probably my favorite city as far as cities go. only doing one transfer in antony and then is strasbourg is hard, you just start to get close with all the members and the area and then you peace out; its hard, but the young adults wanted to say goodbye tonight, so we are going to go say goodbye to them, and all the investigators and memebrs that i am close with; today and tomorrow, and for sure the two baptisms we had while here.  so we have alot planned out
            heres my address for versailles before i forget, facebook that shnizzle :)

Elder Josh Webber, Les missionnaires
6, rue Romain Gary 

we MUST come back and visit strasbourg as a family after the mish; ooohh too legit here

but anyways this week was good, we fixed another baptismal date with a french man named doinique, i am a bit sad that i wont be here for his baptism, but ça va aller.  P.S. my young comp elder adams said this morning that i have the best french in the mission hahah ho hoh ho ho ah joobies, just had to throw that out there boys and girls

the work is going great here, i was happy to be a part of the change, i really hope that the ward now picks up it game and works harder, feels the joy and excititment that comes from doing missionary work

it was fête de la musique this week, a national music day in france, where they play music EVERYWHERE, it was OUT OF CONTROL here, i may or may not have danced with mario to some techno beats in the streets on the way back to the apartment, totally got some video evidence.  it was pretty cool though.

anyways talk to you all soon
classes look great, thanks for doing that :)

much love

à plu

Monday, June 17, 2013

21 Years OLD!

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yeah birthday was great, 21 years old, joobies that is not okay, its gonna take some getting used to saying that.  thanks for the birthday cards, twas very funny indeed.  the dinner with the members went great, they fed us soooo much food, and gave me huge birthday card that all the members from the ward had written on.  I even got a phone call, i answered and i couldnt recognize the voice, she just started singing happy birthday, then finally i realized that it was patricia a member from le mans; the le mans members called me and wished me happy birthday! ha that was the best part.
      yeah i guess i have lost quite a bit of weight, i honestly just dont really eat that much any more, my stomach has shrunk alot ha ha to the dismay of my companion, "dude dont you ever get hungry?" lets go back and eat.  i'll start eating some more pasta i guess
      we had 4 investigatos at church yesterday; blessing who is getting baptized this sunday; as well as anna a young german girl, 23 i think, charles, my home boy who we are suppose to play basket ball with pretty soon, and fabioula, a lady we met doing some porting a little while ago.
     I have to say that we were doing some contacting on our way home from an investigators house yesterday; she invited us over for dinner, and i contacted this young woman; she was athiest of course, but super nice and "open minded" or so she says; we talked for a while and low and behold she pulls the classic, religion ties me down, i dont need people telling me what and what not to do, its not free.  something like that, I DESTROYED HER, in a good way though, i told her madame, i have been speaking with people in the road for a long time now, and i can say that the people that i find are the most tied down or say the EXACT same things EVERY time are aethiest, i can literally predict everything that you are going to say, why you dont believe in god and why you dont like religion. "oh yeah?" she said, i explained to her how in fact athiesm is generally speaking the most closed minded way of thinking and the farthest you can get from freedom, she had nothing to say... then she said "well if i were to join a religion it would be-" "yeah i know budhissm" i said, and i hit it right o the money; oh ha ha ha ha aeithists just crack me up sometimes; but honestly we laughed and i was nice, ended on a good note
things are going great, loving the ward, HUGE gay parade came by infront of our apartment, i kind of got carried away and ran into the crowed taking a video, i stood out... they all started sitting down on the streets, until i was left the only person standing surounded by hundreds of flamers and shemales, playing my video camera in my white shirt and tie, ha ha ha scatter boys!!!!
anyways thanks for the cards
talk to you all soon
much love

Monday, June 3, 2013

Doing GREAT!

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ah yesh the ol united alumni games; always the best; joseph what a pimp daddy ha ha, thats pretty cool, and zachs graduation, wowzers; it doesnt seem like too long ago that i was at my graduation at the marriott center, joobies. and now he is waiting his mission call; crazy stuff, i got an email from bracken mudrow last week, that was cool.
we have a baptism coming up this saturday so we are pretty excited about that, and then one planned for the 15th, now we just need to fix some more, we want to have at least two more dates this week; there is so much potential here and we want to keep having a healthy number of dates and progressing amis.
so things are going really good so far, we have zone conference coming up next week in paris with elder ballard so that is something that we are looking forward to as well.
yeah strasbourg is prrrrretty pretty, you should see where are apartment is, pretty legit, we bumped into a member from the states on our way home to the apartment the other night, he for sure reminded us how lucky we were to be serving in a place like that. its true ha ha, we see members from america from time to time; its funny because i can spot them from a mile away.
i love to just go out and talk with peeps, i am trying to get my younger zone leader comp in the same state of mind ha, once you make that click in your head and you see it as something friggin legit and fun; you see success, hes a good guy
we had 4 investigators at church; and the ward was kind of freaking out; ha ha it had been a while since that had happened, oohh the joy of coming into a ville after some missionaries that slacked off, that is one of the postives of having to start the work all over again.
anyways i think that is all; i got zachs gradutaion announcement, twas very cool; thanks
talk to you all soon
much love