Monday, August 19, 2013

A GREAT week...

hello hello

this week was a pretty good week, went by really fast much to my dismay but it was pretty legit. emillion is doing great, she came to church, long train and bus ride for her, but she did it, it was really good, shes doing fine, we saw her twice and come to find out her son in law is one of the student of the member who came to teach with us, so the member frere ya called him out and kind of told him what was up, the church is good, so stop being a noob and he invited him to church, so its all good ha
               we had a great sunday as well, 4 investigators at church, the sister missionaries kept on asking me what are secret was ;) ha ha i just told them well about 10 percent of the people who say they are coming actually end of coming so you can do the math, go talk with some peeps! we have a baptismal date with one of them, damba, he is a really cool guy; super super humble, just need to stop smoking, hopefully we will be seeing him tomorrow.  Audrey came to church which was a bit of a surprise, a couple days ago i was standing in mcdonalds ready to get my grub on with my big mac, i noticed this chick that was staring rather obviously at my pack, so i'm like ├ža va? long story short we start talking, she is african, but born and raised in france, real parisienne, she looked a go go dancer in one of snoop doggs music videos, anyways she was super happy to meat an american and told me she wanted to come to church, and she did, ha ha during my lesson during second hour; i got called by frere ya to give the lesson, there was a good 15 people in the classroom; the subject, people of the covenant, so i talked about covenants for a while and quickly turned that into a lesson about baptism! haha because thats whats up.  i got a bit of nudging from the boys, saying well done on bringing a hoochie momma to church aha, we passed her over to the sisters..
               all else is going well, i got to see one of my baptisms from last year in cergy, chantal, met up with us in versailles, it was good to be able to talk with her, and catch up, wow one year already, we were both pretty shocked at that
anyways thanks for everything, talk to you all soon

much love

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