Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Good Start to the New Year

Hello the family, thankyou for your prayers for the marcaedo family; they are going great; they told us yesterday at church that they have made the decision to come to church every sunday from now on; so thats good!

New years was great, day off, we had two dinners, one at 5 and then one at 7, so intense; so much food, my comp convinced me to take some laxative, i have no idea if that is spelled right, and im still not sure if that was a good idea or not. But it did the job in flushing the ol system out  :-). The first dinner was with the family rocci, clear out in the woods; 45 minute drive, frere rocci said he doesnt want us to leave; so he asked me for president's number, his wife tried to convince him not too, but he called pres anyways right after we had left, i told him we should stay here in le mans ha

We went down to la rochelle for an exchange, that place is nice; it was weird to smell the ocean, really pretty city, but alot of tourists. took the train out the next morning to district meeting in angers, and then back home; we didnt start missionary work in our own ville until friday; sheesh, but we still managed to get quite a few things done.

I got the second package with the tie and lone-wolf shirt and everything ha ha; thankyou much; it was pretty legit.

I am pretty sure that is everything.  We taught a musim guy and his son a few days ago, it was pretty great; we are teaching a jew this evening; and we "tried" to teach and evangelical african the other day; oh, if you could only hear the kinds of things them evangelicals say ha

thanks for the package

much love

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