Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This week has been good, alot of pondering, self assesing and what not, tis good.

We had interviews with president this last week, they are always really good, he said i was working too hard.... WHAT??? or i guess he said, driving too fast without too much gas in the tank.  I told him how i was bothered that i go into a ville; fix baptismal dates then usually get shipped out for another missionary (usually somewhat of a slacker to be honest) comes in and baptizes them.  But its no problem, me and pres had a good talk about it, it was good stuff.  So i am intrested to see what will happen to me this next transfer, really interested.  yeah i only have 2 and a half more weeks in this transfer; then i am pretty sure that i am leaving, but we will see.
           ludivine is going great, no doubt she will be baptized on the 23rd of feb, her family is super pumped and so is she; she has changed soo much; it is cool to see.  We gave all of the merchado family priesthood blessings, it was good, we talked about faith, i almost cried, which is weird because i dont cry on my mission, i usually feel it differently.
          we went down to la rochelle after interviews and spent two nights there, we had a good time; found some new investigators, worked hard; we were doing some bat porting; got let in, some buddhist woman, she was french; we talked for a while; she said a couple of her babies had died, i told her what happens to babies after thy die, why that sometimes happens; she cried and cried and cried; it was good stuff, i hope they go see her soon; i will follow up with them about that.
           we had 6 investigators at church yesterday; the ward was pretty pumped about that, it still wasnt enough to open up the overflow wall, but we will get there soon enough ha, if the family merchado had come; they would have opened that puppy up for sure ha
          we were invited to catholic messe by one of our old investigators; sylvie, so we went; she wanted us to speak with the priest after, masse what great... such a blast... really felt the spirit of revelation in that one... the priest max, took us out to a pizzeria with sylvie, and yes he paid, so i guess you could say the pope bought me pizza ha ha yatta.
          at first it was a good discussion then he turned sour quickly, we went back to his office thing, where he got pretty hot headed haha we had that one in the bag, once you loose your head homie, you loos all credibility, what was funny is that even sylvie, who is professed catholic was siding with us, because of how stupid some of his arguements were haha i almost felt bad for the guy, but anyways it was good, probably wont be doing that again though; we have better things to do then listen to catholic priests cry and pout
          all else is well, we found a legit guy; patrice not too long ago; he came to church; we are pretty excited about him. 

talk to you all soon

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