Monday, February 18, 2013

Staying Put...

hello family

soundsl like things are going well; zach has another trip over to england; sweeet.  and ben drives; thats so weird.  
i was pretty happy to get the news to stay in le mans, but a bit scared at the same time; i have never spent 4 transfers in a ville before; thats a long time! 6 months! and le mans is really not that big of a city haha, just have to go balls out; rely on the Lord and get these investigators baptized. family merchado, patrice, dexters family and olivier.  Ludivine was pretty excited to hear that i was staying and her family as well; so that was pretty cool.
        everything else is going great, ludivines baptism is this weekend; thats pretty cool.  Patrice is going great; he walks to church now; which is like an hour walk; but he likes sooo ça va. he knows that it is true; he just needs to do it and get baptized.  DJ dexter king is going good; he wants his kids to come every sunday; he went to huge party in Nice, that he had to DJ, hes a crazy dude who likes to party but still a good guy ha ha.
       i went on an exchange to angers again this week and that was alot of fun; found 3 new investigators, three african ladies let us in; we had a great lesson, before we left i started to bust out some of my lingala; once i found out they came from the congo, i spoke a little bit of their language ha and they freaked out like african women do; laugh laugh laugh scream scream scream; i told them we needed to eat some foo foo with pondu sauce and they laughed even more ha; good times good times.
        anyways; thats about it, we are pumped to go find a ton of new amis these first two weeks. remember to pray for dexters family; merchado family and patrice

thanks a lot!

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