Monday, March 26, 2012

"Truckin' Along"

Our baptism didnt happen because martin decided to move last second pretty much, out of our area; so we will just have to contact the missionaries in the other mission; too bad; but oh well.
Thats crazy zach is london; wow let me know how he does for sure. how many games are they playing.

I gave a talk in sacrament; they asked me right before it started; so that was a nice surprise; i just talked about prayer and shared my experience about joseph in sainte quentin; it went pretty well if you ask me. In the bus the other day; this young tall black guy 24 about; confronted us; and was like hey mormons; tell me about your beliefs; so i gave him a quick first lesson there on the bus and he loved it; i saw his nikes and asked if he played bball; and sure enough he does; and he is pretty legit by the sounds of it; so he will be coming next weekend to samedi sports to play with us; when i told himwe have a church with a court in it; he freaked out; thought that was too cool; we talked about the nba and joked around quite a bit haha my homie

Froze the ZLs slippers into a block of ice yesterday; that was pretty funny.

We got the transfer email a couple days ago; and im staying for another transfer at least; so that's good.  we have some pretty cool investigators right now, a couple of them super interested; new people that we have found; weve been doing a tooon of finding; get some new blood for this upcoming transfer; and so far its working great; except joana is drinking again; we got a semi drunk phone call from her last night, so we will see what happens.  

Im about half way through the BOM in french; so thats cool; I love personal study in the morning; getting that spiritual knowledge to help out your investigators or own the bible noobs, whichever.  How is mariah doing in school and track?

I need more magic tricks too; sheesh i tell you what; we still colette and her daughter gracia alot, we go over to there place once a week and she cooks us up a huge african meal everytime; its family away from my family, and thats what she says too. i showed them all my magic tricks, but most of them didnt stump them; they are too smart ha.  so i must learn more; im learning some new card tricks, so ill add that to my repetoire.

Im not too sure what else to say, i hope things are going well with everybody; schlobus included.

Much much much love; until next time Adios  

Monday, March 19, 2012

A "Trying" week.

Sup homies

Thankyou for the package it was sweet; the other elders loved some of the chocolate i game them and the calendar in my room AMERICA

Joseph ha how funny; what a little shmeegle, thats too bad for little matua, tell him i wish him the best, zach is going to england already? wow thats pretty crazy, sounds like a lot of fun; how long does it last? sevens right?  thankyou for the byu rugby stuff, its really cool haha but just your emails are fine; if you know what i mean; i dont have a ton of time; and i read those articles too much, so just what you guys say about them is cool; but thanks anyways ha.  What is everyone up to?  that would be too much fun to play 10 and 12 with zach; there is liiiiiiterally nothing better than playing in a rugby game with your bros, those last pick up games with zach and ben up in alpine were some of the funnest games ive played in ha.  How is ben and mariah doing?

Its been a difficult week, alot of rendez vous falling through; people saying they will show up but never do, its better when people just reject you; that makes it alot easier than taking the metro somewhere and waiting and waiting for people that never show up; just wastes our time. We went to see joana again this week; and again she was drunk during our rendez vous so we saw her again later in the week and told her it needs to stop, and gave explained the stop smoking program we gave her; will be very surprised if she ever does stop; we are probably going to drop her; but she showed up to church this sunday so who know; we will see

But we are planning on seeing Odry tonight; one of our best investigators; he came to church as well, and tonight we are going to try and set up a baptismal date with him, me and him are pretty tight; we joke around alot and he tried some of my recese; loved them of course

We played basketball on saturday for samedi sports, we play with young men in our ward and other non members, after taking a 30 minute tram to the church stronbeck we found that the relief society was doing something in the gym (looks like its not just in utah where they rob the ball gym :-) ) and we had sooo many peeps this time that wanted to play, but God was smiling upon us and we found an outdoor courts; oh man, I owned the noobs; ha nah they were alright; alot of africans it was cool

We set up a baptismal date with one of our guys; martin; we will see how that goes; im not sure he will be ready in time, but we are going to try and see him as much as possible this week

So, my advice for the priests:
Personally I think the most important thing is to read the Book of Mormon, know the doctrine and history as much as you can before coming out, Also preach my gospel, you spend soooo much time in preach my gospel, its right after the BOM and Bible, know the lessons; understand them; learn the restoration; what that's all about, I learned ALOT at the mtc which is good; but that begs the question; how come I didnt know that before? Learn the First Lesson like you know your first name; its cash-money; that's where its at. Read it over and over and over again; and EVERY single scripture that goes with it; if you do that; you are CASH MONEY

Also April fools is coming up; if you got some good ideas for me; let me know ha while the ZLs were out this morning doing the shopping I was starting early baby; stictched about 6 of their socks shut, hehe yatta

Anyway thanks again for everything, tell everyone i say hi

Monday, March 12, 2012

Going well...

Aah wow alot of really cool news, rugby sounds so intense; that is so
cool that zach made the all american team.  Does Aaron know that ward
that I asked about last time? Does he know what his major is yet?

James Young; what a stud; make sure you tell him congratulations for
me, he's a really cool guy; and I think he's gonna do some awesome
things out in the mission field, British Columbia how cool.  And cool
that Chris I mean Elder Rytting is back out; great news.

Okay about the baptism, The mom asked me to baptize her and Gracia
the daughter asked Elder D my comp, everything went smooth; tons of
their family showed up, just like any normal african family event; we
were the minority, lots of black people, and now tons of their family
are taking the lessons and want to get baptized; but they live in
different areas so the other elders will be taking care of that.

I've litterally taken no pictures other than those baptism ones I
sent; since being here; we have some time today on p day; so we might
go do some of that.  Our main investigators at this point are Odry; 24
year old african dude; works at a chocolate store so we got the
hookups for sure; Joana D'arc, we are going to give her the 7 day stop
smoking program and work through it with her the next time we see her.
Sidney, chill guy; from Brazil, Martin, another African dude with a
cool family; and Peter an evangelicist preacher, but he loves the BOM,
and we have a few rendez vous set up this week to find new peeps, one
this evening with paulette.

Yesterday, we were in a ghetto part of town looking for an address,
felt like I was in Afghanistan, soon enough some muslim dudes starting
talking with us and soon enough it turned into an argument over the
Bible, after more and more muslim dudes started poppin up, that's when
we decided to bounce that joint and seeeeek shelta haha.  I do not
like muslims too much--scary; I do not like arabs, I do not like anyone with a moses-beard or a turban or a cloak with sandals and socks, noobs :-).

The toilet in the aparment has not been working for the past week, so
we either drop a duce at the church bathroom or squat over the bathtub
and drop it into a garbage bag; there was a fair amount of garbage
bags full of human dung chillin outside on the balcony but this
morning we took it down to the garbage bin, I haaave no idea when a
plumber is coming

And I heard that survivor man is dead; is this true?
Its really cool to hear what everyone is up to, thankyou for the news
and for the rugby stats; sooo cool; thankyou maja and faja

Much love thankyou for everything; until next time

Friday, March 9, 2012


The baptisms went very well; pretty smoothly, and we ate at their
place later that night; some really good african food; but then we got
in trouble cuz we got home late ha

The toilet has been blocked up for a couple days now; we broke the
first plunger and bought two more but nothing is working and the pipe
is leeking ha; so we called a guy in the ward; he should be coming
over later today.

I had an exchange with elder Broadbent this past Tuesday, he has been
in the field for 2 weeks, so we were both pretty new, we went to see
Joana D'arc one of our investigators to give her a word of wisdom
lesson and come up with a plan on how she can quit smoking so she can
be baptized.  However when she answered the door she seemed a little
strange; but anywho we went upstairs anyway and sat down, it wasnt
until she went into the kitchen and came out with a can of beer that we
found out she was drunk; very drunk indeed. So the situation is worse
then expected; we thought she just had a smoking problem, but we were
able to escape and we have set up another rendez vous, hopefully its

We had dinner last night with a brazilian couple; and they are both
from Goiania brazil; I told them that is were Aaron served and so I
need to ask him if he knows Ala ipiranga, apprently its her old ward;
so I thought it would be cool to ask,  A small world.

Everything else is going pretty smoothly, we need to find more new
people to start teaching; we have a few now; but they're not moving too
fast, thanks for the advice and the news and the packages...

much love