Monday, April 29, 2013

A Baptism (and some pictures)

hello hello
super wierd to see the photos of you guys; everyone looks pretty different; blowin my miiiiind ha. but thats cool; thanks.  Has zach already sent in his mission papers, if no then when do you think he will send his in?? when did i send my in??  wow byu sign ups are already starting? holy smokes thats intense i dont even know what the jew i am supposed to be doing, joobies.
          But we had xaviers baptism this past saturday in versailles because their chapel has a baptismal font, it went super well; so happy for the guy; he has made some major changes since the first time we taught him in that park a little over 2 weeks ago.  We have Kareena's baptism coming up this sunday, we are pretty excited about that; and super busy.  we had interviews and our zone formation this past tuesday; it went really well; i felt like our formation went pretty good; i got a bit carried away; telling our missionaries that they need to "persuade" in the good way their investigators to accept the gospel, and the power and authority of our calling; oh if we could all just be BOSSES like paul; totally my goal before finishing my mission ha i kid i kid
          ummm i sent you some pictures that i my comp sent to me from the mission facebook page, so i guess i did find a way to send you some photographic evidence of whats going on over here
          pretty much that is it; the baptism went smoothly except for when the member who gave the talk on the holy ghost decided to tell the story of the time he gave a priesthood blessing to the to the photo copier; but you can bet your sweet biscuits that photo copier found the strength to print off those last few pages ha ha oh my dear goodness.  i am just loving this ward here in antony, they are too much fun; tonight we are going over to a members house tonight to do a family home evening with the investigator that is going to be baptised this coming sunday; looking forward to that.
         anyways i have to bounce; super cool to see the brethren and the sister;
much love

Settling in to the new Zone

hello hello
this morning as we were getting ready to leave i was looking out the window when i saw two black kids try to steal a phone from a girl; (they couldnt even get it, noobs) right there down on the sidewalk in the middle of the day; cars passing by and everything; people in the park right next to them; then after they failed they jogged away and just starting walking again like nothing happened, so i told elder miller, who lives with us to come with me and we went downstaires and outside; we followed them down the road; they saw us and started getting pretty scetched out; we crossed the road to try and get closer then the little noobs just sprinted off; i dont think i wanted to emberass myself and try running after them; but we gave them a good scare i think; twas funny twas funny
so this week in the zone of PARIS SUD, every one of our companionships found new investigators and has a baptismal date; yeah that like doesnt ever really happen, so we were pretty excited about that, president talked a little about it on conference call this morning; go zone go! they are a great bunch of elders and sisters, i am thankful for the opportunity i have to work with them all and see their progress and hear about their miracles
we fixed our second baptismal date this last week with a kareena; a 29 year old girl, she is super legit. and we met another great great guy a couple weeks ago; that we are hoping to fix a baptismal date in the coming days.  Xavier is going great; he has quit smoking and came to church yesterday; everything seems to be going great, keep praying for him.
towards the end of this week things seemed to get a little harder, contacting in the road seemed to become more difficult; tons of muslims; and we would try and bash them instead of just telling them whats up and walking away; so we need a to refocus a little and keep working hard and effectivily to find those elect that are still out there.
but things are going well, we have interviews with president tomorrow and are giving the zone our formation; that we have been thinking alot about, i dont know how much time i have left a  zone leader so i have to make these last few formations the best possible haha, nah but it will go good, we are excited.
it was rush hour one day and we were coming from a lesson; we got on one of the trams leaving from porte d'orléans, which is pretty darn busy around evening; long story story short some younger girls thought it would be funny to shmeegle my bum, yes it was pretty jammed packed, keep your hands to yourselves girlies; sheesh; i think i gave her a stern enough look that they stopped but then i couldnt help but laugh and get off; oh joobies
this week elder thomas and i decided we are going to do a special day of finding to find a FAMILY that is prepared and ready to accept the gospel and be baptized, we are really looking forward to that
anyways thats about it, thank again for everything
talk to you all soon

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Wonderful Week...

We have had a pretty good week 2 of the transfer; we worked super super hard; because we had to get things going here, we have a baptismal date with a man called xavier, he is a boss.  on wednesday we did a spiritual finding day, we fasted and did nothing but finding the whole day; talking with people from sun up to sun down; it was the best day ever; there was a member, the first councilor in the bishopric who wanted to come do some contacting with us in the road, i said sure; i know his family pretty well from le mans; nice guy, we had tons of success that day; i think only now are we really starting to realize all the mircales we saw that day.  during the late morning we were praying behind a parked car, before starting again to talk to people, right after we finished i went up and talked to a man that was walking by; we talked a bit; i saw he was interested so i invited him to talk more with us in the park; he said okay; he's xavier, and we have seen him 4 times since then; he came to church; he said he had been praying and looking to know how he could come closer to God, and everytime we meet with him he tells us how happy he feels when he talks with us or prays, cool guy; he has a date for the 27th of April
             we met another girl Kareena, who is going to come do a family home evening with us tonight with a family in the ward, she is so legit; and we are hoping to fix a date with her as well; for the 4th of may.  we found a couple families from south america as well; too bad i dont speak spanish; but i am working on it; hoping to get my testimony down in spanish before i go over there again this next week.  luckily there are quite a few members who can speak spanish and come with us; but we had a super good time with the family from ecquador the first time we went over; she laughed at me when i tried to say some stuff in spanish ahaha it was pretty funny.
             i got a call from my last call that they regained contact with the merchado family back in le mans; louis the dad had a heart attack and so they were at the hospital for the longest time, but now its all good; it was some really really good news to hear.
            i met the ward this last sunday; it was super cool; pretty big ward of a little over a hundred people; very paris; lots of diversity, i spent a good bit of time after church talking with the african moms haha they said if they thought i was french haha ah shux; now if i can get french people to say that; that would be money.  its a really really cool ward though; so i am pretty excited; i have thought that it might be possible that i will finish my mission in this ward; that is crazy to think about; but that would mean i would spend 4 transfers here; im okay with that; paris is paris; everyday just the craziest things happen.
            I am hoping to be sending y'all a letter; explaining a bit more about the mish life here in paris; there is just too much i barely have enough time to write it all down in my journal; but things are going well; we are going to be doing a spriritual finding day this week on thursday to specifically find a young family that will be baptized; i have faith that it will happen; God answers sincere prayers it is as simple as that.
            i have been thinking alot about the people i have baptized lately, collette, gracia, chantal, françois, philomen, laticia, and ludivine; i love them all ALOT and that motivates me to help guide and do all that i can to help others follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, pray for xavier, kareena; and pamela.
much love

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Working Hard....

hopefully zach is feeling a little bit better; let me know how the hammer of justice rains down upon the noobs that just dont know what to do with their lives, ha but anyways seriously hope he is doing good.  it was cool to see the pictures of you guys in vegas, pretty legit photo of mariah in paris; veeerrry proffesional; who took that photo? ha  Ben looks like some random dude who i dont even know haha i still he is still wearing my adidas jacket; look ben if you miss me so much that you feel you have to wear my clothes thats kinda weird hommie ha i kid.
      Antony is going good, it was a super hard week, there are no investigators... or anything really going on here... i take a few deep breaths and try my hardest to not start asking a bunch of angry questions, its kind of frustrating, like come on guys what were you doing the last 6 weeks. we will just have to start from scratch, it's gonna be a week of straight finding coming up; but i'm excited!!!!  but really my new comp is a super nice guy, first transfer as a ZL, it will go good.
      conference was good, we went to the versailles chapel to watch it; so i havnt really even met my new ward yet; but its cool i will meet them all next sunday, conference is always fun with all the missionaries.  I live in a four man apartment; its pretty good, a new blue is with us, ah i just love being around blues; honestly they remind of the good ol days, ha ha i want to train again. but being ZL is cool too :)
       anways; i would love some pics of me playing byu rugby; i think alot of members dont believe me that i play because they see how skinny i am haha especially now; joobies, the last pictures you sent me were of you guys fishing and our last camping trip.
       I think that is everything, have a great week

much love, pray for us so that we can find some legit people :)

talk to you soo

Monday, April 1, 2013

Off to Paris...

Ah hearing about Zach makes me prrrretty mad, that is some frustrating stuff super super frustrating stuff, i feel super bad for zach, maaaaaan. i guess the good thing that comes out of it all is that he will have some legit battle wounds.  but joobies i wish i was in that game, it makes me think about how lucky i was to not have any serious injuries like that, i feel like the clock is just winding down until it hits me... joobies, knock on wood. send zachaly my bro hugs, he's a great guy; great player; miss him tons.
           anywho, my last sunday here in le mans was really really great, ludivine got up during sacrament meeting and bore her testimony and thanked me for everything, it was legit; i loved it. i dont mean to toot my own horn here but when i stood up during the first hour with the priesthood and relief society and announced that i was leaving all the members moaned ha ha, it was good to say bye to all of them and talk with them all for a while after sacrement. a family came to church that we helped move a couple weeks ago; so that was cool, they really like it, as well as a couple other investigators that we have been seeing.
            i havnt really started packing yet and we leave up to paris on wednesday; but its all good; not too much stuff to pack, so thats good.  i will be staying in a 4 man apartment up in antony, they recently moved to this newer apartment because the other one has barred up windows and some sketchy barbed wire gate, word in the mission is that it was pretty ghetto and some missionaries always slept with a pick axe ha ha.
           I am here at Patricias house saying good bye to her family; she invited us over and cooked us up some lamb, twas pretty good.
           i got your easter package; it was really good thanks; especially the letters and all that, good stuff.
How does zach feel; i imagine he is pretty bumbed, but is he coping with it well? you know i thought his nose always needed a little plastic surgery... ha ha too far.
           if you are ever wondering what to put into a package or letter you send me; photos are always the best ha. i enjoy seeing you guys.
           I get super weirded out when i think of how much time is left on my mission; only 4 transfers, joobies; probably 3 transfers in antony and then get kicked out to some small french ville to train a new blue or work until i die, but theres still so much that i have to accomplish, not enough time ha, I think alot about all the stupid things i used to do before the mission and really hope that i will be a changed individual by the time i come home, its been a good long year and half of repenting; changing, working, falling down again and getting back up over and over, Paris france mission is a hard mission; but the best one, the kind of mission i needed the most,  and summer is just around the corner; and i literally have a hard time thinking about something i would rather be doing than missionary work in paris during the summer; its gonna be a party everyday; i heard the ward up there is mostly africans ha ha pretty legit.
           anyways thats about it, thanks for everything, talk to you all soon

much love


27, rue de Fontenay 

heres my new address; i am opening up a new zone in southern paris in the ghetto haha, antony zone, because we are getting so many new missionaries we have created some new zones

A Hard Week.

hello hello

sounds like a pretty fun trip you all had over in london; to watch zach play; that is pretty intense, oh before i forget; i recieved your package today; thanks! all the stuff is great, was really funny to read all of your letters.
wow thats crazy you guys were in paris not too long ago, if you were up there this last friday then we were in paris at the same time, wooah ha. i could never get enough of paris; that place is just too legit, i did some contacting at la defense when i was district leader up in cergy and i would go on exchanges with the saint ouen elders, and mom eating a chausson aux pommes; tis indeed one of my preffered pastries, even though technically it is not a pastry. you shouldve eaten a pain au chocolat aux amandes, that is my favorite. but ça va ça va
         This week was hard; probably just as hard, maybe harder; thanks to an idiot member who has been ex communicated twice it is extremely unilkely that patrice will be baptized, nah i cant blame the member, but he for sure didnt help, things are just going from bad to worse, i've been pretty lost spiritually lately, my companion is slowly losing his desire to do anything and its only his second transfer here, not really knowing what direction i am going, les tempêtes sont venue. I'm not saying i am looking forward to being trasfered out of here, but i need a good restart; i have tried looking back at what i have learned; i have learned alot. but its hard. i just try to work hard, do what should be done, if my comp complains or i dont see success, then thats another problem.
          there was some good stuff that happened however; we were invited over to eat with a family that we have seen a few times; they fed us chicken feet soup; it was pretty interesting; you put the whole chicken foot in your mouth; cruch it up with bones and all, swallow the skin and spit out the bones ha, it tasted alright; but it felt super weird; they looked like little baby hands ha joobies
         we went knocking on some doors last night; a lady let us in; we had a grreat rendez vous with her, i talked with her quite a bit, she is legit; has a few young kids; is seperated, but said she will do anything to have the spirit in her life; she cried quite a bit, it was really good. for sure showed me how much i really have, the things i should be thankful for, i like her alot alot; we will see her again on tuesday when my "fils" blue, comes over to le mans to do an exhange with me, if everything goes well we will be fixing a bap date with her.
          anyways i think that is just about all, thanks again for the package it was great, i am excited for zach that he has started his mission papers; i have so much to tell him; i will have to write him an email or send him a letter

much love 

elder webber