Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Time...

hello hello
it has been a hot week and a long week, and our preparation day is almost over already; pretty ridiculous.  we did fix a baptismal date this past week, its a bit shaky but we will be seeing her, more ofter now so hopefully we can get that one going well soon.  not much else is really new, we still do alot of finding, contacting and porting, lots of bat porting, finding tons of people but none of them really progressing and vacances have started so everybody in france leaves on vacation for like a month which does not really help things.  a family did invite us over to have some crêpes on sunday evening so that was a nice break from the normal flow of things.
we took the metro into paris today, gonna hit up soldes while its the last week, thats all the shopping i wanted to do, then i will be good until the end of my mission
i dont know if you got the photo i just sent you of dominique, what a cool dude, found him doing some bat porting in strasbourg two weeks before i left, cool to see that his baptismal date stayed sure and now he is a member of the church; good for him and even better for the ward (they need it)
as to answer your questions about what i want to do after my mission, i dont know... alot of people have asked me, i need to give it some serious thought, i will figure something out, school yes, rugby yes, have fun with the fam yes, but the rest i do not know, i dont even know whats majors exist, i will probably set up some kind of appointment with a byu counselor see what i like and see what would be the best options to take, so yeah i will let you guys know what i think of next week
anyways much love, thanks for everthing

talk to you all soon
bisous bisous

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