Monday, August 26, 2013

Trying to Fit it All In....

bonjour tout le monde

had a pretty good week this week, however it just clicked in my head that my last weekend in france is a stake conference, and thats the weekend that we had planned on getting our investigator damba baptized and inviting the others for the same date september, but classic other church meeting get in the way of when we want to have baptisms joobies, so i have to figure something out, maybe just baptize him on saturday before the saturday session, we will see.
             we taught audrey again a couple time this past week, it went super well, she knows its true but is having a hard time commiting for the baptism.  before our last rendez vous, i told my comp, she is going to cry this rendez vous... and she did. haha she came to church which was great, so that is going good
             constant, another ami came to church as well, he is super cool and really like the church meeting, we knocked on his door a few weeks ago, he said it was like God knocked on his door in one of our later rendez vous; good stuff good stuff
              on friday we went over to visit a couple we have been teaching, sandra and patrick, i had to say what needed to be said, chastity, if you want to get baptized you either have to get married or move out, they took it ok i guess, they understood, but they are not really doing anything to make the necessary changes..
             anyways that is about it, i really really hope this whole stake conference thing doesnt ruin too much stuff the last week of the transfer, we will see.  the days are going by too fast, thats messed up, i try not to think about it too much, i always thought i would just be out here in france as a missionary for the rest of my life, nope. mais c'est pas grave

thanks for everything, much love
what do you guys want from france? 
just thought i would ask. Mariah??? ha ha

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