Monday, January 21, 2013

A Busy Week...


       Week one of the new transfer is already over; all that moving around in Paris all over and done with.  we had to drive up to paris for mission council because we were going to leave the car up there for the other missionaries because we dont have drivers licenses here in le mans, so the angers elders came over early in the morning, elder burgess and his comp^, my old blue elder guymon, and us four drove up to paris.  guymon drove because he is the only one who could, i think we almost died about 5 times, paris isnt the easiest place to drive in.  but it was all worth it when we drove by the eiffel tower.
         The Marchaedo family is going great; we invited them to be baptized for the 9th of february; and they are still praying to know for sure.  Ludivine is confirmed to be baptzed the 9th of February; I am super excited for that.  We dropped by the family Marchaedo to say goodbye before Elder Stephens left last week, they gave us Bolivian blankets and hats haha with lamas on them, the mom is going great; she is for sure french and was born as aethiest as they come; but wow she has seriously changed since the first time we met her.
         We found 2 new families this first week; that we are pretty excited about.
         It snowed on sunday and today; so there wasnt a whole lot of members at church; french people are just the biggest babies when it snows; a couple centimeters and they freak out haha. but we had a pretty legit snowball fight afterward with the kids; i pwnd some little kids from a mile away; head shot ha, our ward mission leader wasnt too happy with us though; we got too much snow in his car haha
          Week 2 district meeting tomorrow with the whole zone down in poitiers; we are pretty pumped about that.  I dont know if i told you that this transfer is only 5 weeks long instead of 6 so it will go by super fast; I'm hoping to that things will continue to move along as quickly as they are here in le mans

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