Monday, May 20, 2013

A Move....

before i forget; here is my new address :)
Elder Webber, Les Missionnaires
6 rue Ernest Munch
67000 Strasbourg
post that puppy on facebook, keep the fans happy ha ha i kid i kid, but seriously...
yeah it was really good to talk to you guys yesterday, super super cool, and motivating, just what the doctor ordered before shipping me out to strasbourg to do some serious finding of new investigators.  right after i skyped you guys we went over and visited the family mantsounga, an african family; little did we know that they invited half the congo over to their little apartment place. in all honestly there was at least 18 people in the room eating some mad african food up in that joint, some of them werent members so i strategically situated myself next to them on the couch and ended up having a great discussion about the book of mormon; eventually gave her one before the meal was over; so it was a good night; we took some pics that i will be sure to send you in the mail soon :)
much love
pumped to start up the strasbourg zone
talk to you all soon

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