Monday, July 30, 2012

A Daddy :-)!

This week was another hard one; trying to convince my comp to do some things differently, or anything; it's like I had to work my butt off and think my brains out to try and get some respectable work done, but we survived and he's going home soon; where he wants to be; so let him have it; im trying to be extra nice to him these last couple days; and hes doing alright BUT ANYWHO...

I'm a father... i have a son...

I got the call a couple days ago; that i am going to train this next transfer; and training lasts two transfers; so i will be in Cergy for at least another two transfers, trainer=father.  Blue or new missionary=son. so that means my trainer who is dying (going home) this next week is now a grandfather; what fruitfull loins; fruitful loins indeed

Im super excited for it; i have been wanting to train for a while now; yeeessh i pray so that i can remember the difficulties and challenges i had when i was a blue and the things i wish i learned; so i can pass it on to this new missionary, we are going to have a Party AND work hard at the same time; yes it is indeed possible.  Im also staying district leader so im pretty stoked about that as well, itll be a busy two couple transfers coming up, its going to be legit though

hmm for the pachage; just whatever you chuck in there will be much appreciated, all the other packages previous have been great; no worries

much love

Elder Webber

Sunday, July 22, 2012


hello hello, no more sickness thank goodness
I keep forgetting to bring my camera with me when i come do emails; but i will remember next week and email you some photos; no problemo.

Yesterday i went to my first full on african evangelical prayer; dance concert; pagan worship, gift of tongues thingy... oh my word.. church is true, church is true; thats all i have to say about that. ha we were suppose to be meeting with a potential investigator; but lo and behold; we got lured into this thing, we decided to stay; the music was catchy, and the african woman behind us yelling all kinds of chicken noises; gift of tongues baby haha oh my word.  the preacher after went on a rant about blood covenants and all that jazz; after a few minutes of that we decided to bounce that joint, couldnt take any more apostate doctrine, good people; really enthusiastic; just lacking some basic common sense there me thinks, wheeeen did Jesus teach anything like this anywhere; show me in the bible

If nothing else; it was testimony of how the Church of Christ is really organized 

one of our top investigators dropped us, because he spoke with his parents and they told him the whole polygamy and sect thing, i convinced him to come meet us at the train station anyway so could clear some stuff up, we put all those stupid lies to rest; but he still couldnt and didnt want to continue seeing us; but he said he would continue reading the BOM, so hopefully one day; he will come around; it was a real shame; good guy

All else is well; numbers are back up.  me and the two other elders i lived with in bruxelles that got sent down here to paris are leading the way apparently; paris was reaaally stuggling; but we saw some legit numbers in bruxelles; so now with a new point of view; things are turning around down here, president is a smart man

thanks again; much love; joseph keep up the dance moves

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hate Being SICK!

those pictures are hilarious.  Joseph does look kind of different; but still has his pukunui.  Beach boys for stadium of fire; wow i didnt know they were still alive, KFC, yeesshhh, there is one right by our chapel here; where im doing emails; so i might have to shmeegle some as well.  

on wednesday, so 5 days ago; my comp decided to make some chili for the district meeting; it was great chili; no lies but then during our exchange later that night me and elder florence both woke up at 4 in the morning and owned the toilette like a noob, couldnt sleep after either; my comp also got sick; so we have been sick with food poisoning these past 5 days; still pooing out liquid; i dont think i had ever been so sick in my life; or so miserable, we called sister poznanski, which is a rule when youre sick and she told us alot of stuff and to go to the doctor; so we went and that was just a testimony to me of how worthless french doctors are; oh my word, we were able to go to church; but we really didnt look happy to be there. but we are feeling better now. just been eating rice with ketchup. we used up 4 roles of toilette paper in a day and a half.

so in all honesty its been a less than perfect week; just laying and suffering on the couch.  its kind of difficult to get things rolling again; i find myself a little stressed out; hoping my comp will keep the desire, members crying about anything and everything; the ward mission leader who thinks hes the boss and does absolutely nothing.  sometimes things are just way more complicated than they need to be, find teach and baptize people; thats all it is, everything else reaaaally does not matter.

I think i need to set a goal to be more optimistic haha

The bright side; there was a member who cooked us rice and brought us tons and tons of medicine, offered to drive us anywhere; and another member who brought over some weird fish herbal oil that are suppose to help heal us ha, but suuuper nice peeps, so its all good.  Today is P day and we are going into paris to look for some new pants for my comp, reenergize; renew and start week 4 of the transfer, turn things around

hmm as for the package ha; whatever you wanna throw in there will be greatly appreciated

much love