Monday, January 14, 2013

Staying "Put" this Transfer...

Thanks again for the package; twas good stuff, as for requests of what to put in the next one you want to send; i cant think of anything specific; its all good, i have plently of candy though, so you dont have to worry too much about that ha

I learned how to drive stick this past week, its a bit hard in these little french roads, crazy drivers man, but i mastered it like a BEAST.

We got transfer news and Elder Stephens is leaving; going to be zone leader up in brusseles; the same apartment that i lived in; too bad hes going up in winter, he's excitied to go up there; he's heard me say tons and tons of good things about brusseles; so he's pretty pumped but super sad that he is leaving le mans; we did WORK here, was good stuff; he shall be missed.  I am staying here in le mans; getting a new companion; it will be his first as a zone leader; he is a missionary from my mtc group; we lived in the same apartment in cergy; so that will be fun; but maan me and stephens got along great; that's what the whole ward was telling us; they had never seen two elders with such unity; yeah buddy; but it's s'all good.

We had 2 baptisms in Tours this last weekend; tours is a city in our zone, a mom and her daughter; that i had ported into over 2 months ago when i was doing my exchange over there with a young missionary, we did some bat porting; and knocked on all the doors; she opened up and i got her number; i remember leaving that building saying to the other missionary; "sorry about that, not too much success; we will go try another one" now that woman and her daughter are baptized; cash money.

The Marchaedo family has baptismal dates now, for the 26th, they explained to us how we came about finding them when we did porting one night, biggest miracle ever; i will explain it to you all next week; it takes a while to write it all down.

we also fixed a baptismal date with Ludivine; fiiiinally; she should be getting baptized on the 26th as well, so we are super excited about that.

But now the marchaedo family and the other two families that we are teaching are all sick; darn those sicknesses, so we hope that they get better soon; so we can start seeing them again as soon as possible.

Anyway i think thats about it, starting a new transfer; always busy stressful stuff; going up to Paris; lugging the suitcases through the metros; helping lost missionaries; then mission council and then Week 2 district meetings. party woohoo

thanks again

much love

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