Monday, March 11, 2013

An Ending Date, and All Goes Well....

hello hello

we had a pretty good week this week, patrices baptism is still good for the 23rd so we are pretty excited about that; we are going to go over and see him this evening with a member.  we were not able to see dexters family this week cuz they were out of town; and the merchados have been gone too.
       we did alot of bat porting this past week, and got let in a good 3 times in one night; and met some really cool people that we are going to be seeing again soon.
       I decided that i will be staying out here until the end, meaning the 18th of september, theres still a few things that i have to figure out but i think it will all go pretty good.
       thats cool to hear that london and nathan had thier farewell ha, good stuff good stuff.  I only have about 3 weeks left here in le mans, so still working really hard trying to engage people to live the gospel and be baptized; there is for sure still people here that could be baptized in less than 3 weeks, so the search and work continues.  patrice didnt come to church this sunday for the first time in 5 weeks; so of course i automatically start jumping to conclusions; but as far as we know he is still good; pray for him. the weeks before baptism are always so hard.
      thats about it, some crazy weird; and funny stuff goes down everyday; maybe i should step up my game and write you guys some letters ha, well my bad; i will get on that.
         we have zone conference this coming week up in paris with a member of the 70. elder richards; so that should be pretty cool.

thanks again.

much love; talk to you all soon

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Still Deciding...

hello hello

Still havnt 100 percent made up my mind on coming home dates, joobies, its okay though, good advice, i appreciate it; i will choose and then be happy with my choice and move on.
      we have had a pretty busy week though, Patrice the 50 year old ex doctor french man we have been seeing for a few weeks finally accepted 100 percent to be baptized on the 23rd yay. It was really really cool, we spoke to him after church on sunday, i asked him if he had a few minutes we found an empty room and sat down, then we just told him that he was ready and he knew he was ready; so just do it man! ha and he said yeah; hes super excited about it, pretty cool. we pray that everything goes well for his baptism.
         i taught the investigators gospel principle class during church; it went super well, some super weird guy showed up, a guy who has visited the church in years passed, before the class started he was asking all sorts of dumb questions; like how Jesus was really crucified; we were about the start the class and he was still jabbering off; so i asked him to step outside for a minute; told him i was happy he was there with us, but bro, seriously, you need to close your mouth, there are other people here who want to learn, he took it surprisingly well; and the lesson moved on smoothly.
          we were driven out to a members house that afternoon with patrice to eat tooons of crêpes, twas good; the members said some weird stuff, its always a worry what weird stuff members are gonna say when you are with amis, but ça va.
          we had week two district meetings, went to angers, did our formation, then straight to blois, did our formation, then spent the night at tours, after doing some contacting in blois, then went to poitiers the next morning, did our formation, then up to paris to come back down to le mans; joobies; it was good stuff though; good to see all the boys.
         we got invited to adventist church saturday morning; so we went; it was pretty good; long story short their paster dude is a noob, but its cool, we's all just brothas in Christ Jesus
         merchados are going well; just aaalways sick; and kinda slowing down spiritually; we need to be more bold with them; but first we need to see them; its so hard with this work and all their sick kids, going through some pretty trials, but maybe it will help them in the long run make the commitment.  Dexters fam is doing good, we should be giving them baptismal dates this week, itll be good.
        all else is well, thats pretty crazy that zach is starting his mission papers, yatta

much love