Monday, August 20, 2012

He Has Food!

Ha dont worry too much about the food; yesterday at church; members brought us boxes and boxes of food; so we are pretty well stocked up right now; its something they do once a month here; families bring the missionaries a bunch of food.

so no spaghetti and carrots for us this week; thats for sure

My comp is from Chico California; funny guy; pretty shy and awkward but hes funny ha which is good. THE PICKIEST eater ever though; i know i know you guys would always give me a hard time for being a picky eater; but hey; i think i grew out of that; i was eating n'importe quoi throught highschool and college, but my comp, its pretty bad ha so whenver we go to eat at members houses i make sure that i serve the food and load up his plate with all kinds of the goodies he doesnt like ha; he gets soo mad at me but i just laugh ha

Yes indeed yes indeed DC and Richie; half man; half god; no i kid... but seriously

The two families are going great; but yesterday morning when we were getting ready to go to Church they both called about an hour before it started and canceled; aahhh noooo, thats the worst feeling ever; one of the moms in the family is being kind of ridiculous; shes really hard to communicate with; doesnt understand much, but the kids love us; and we love the kids, we should be seeing them tomorrow and we are going to try and give them a baptismal date.

We went bat porting last night for the first time this transfer; its been a while since ive done that, bat porting; you find this huge ghetto apartment complex building; wait for someone to walk out because its locked to get in; shmeegle your way in; go up to the top; 14 15 floors and work your way down; knocking on all the doors; last night we werre in the ghetto of ghettos hahaha, as soon as we finally got into one my comp elder guymon let out a groan; uuuueehhh, this is horrifying haha it was pretty sketch; lots of muslims and africans; but thats ALL we did in Saint Quentin; i got pretty good at getting let in

then in Brusseles i didnt knock on a single door; for three transfers; but i decided to try it again last night; yeah not the most effective; but it was funny

all else is well, thanks for the package; NUTTY BARS, lelelelelelelelelelelelelelele

much love

Monday, August 6, 2012

And he's cool...

Yeah its a whole lot better with the pagan lord out of here; back to chez lui; i sympathize with the point of view that i was sent here to help him; and thats a possibility; but after trying all i could do; and still looking back at how much time was wasted; i lean towards the opinion; that God sent me here to show me what happens to pagan dead companions; and how not happy they are; so im glad i got a taste of that; and i want to be the complete opposite
my blue is great; hes a goof haha we went to a members house a couple days ago to eat dinner; we had already planned out the trick to have a wine bottle there filled with juice; the dad poured me and elder guymon a glass and i started drinking; "mmm this is good; not as strong as last time though Frere Pettit" my comp refused to drink for a while; then he bumped my leg; "elder; what do i do" "just drink it" i say; soo... he startes drinking away and i keep pouring his glass; he had a face of pure horror haha; but nah long story short; i told him later that night it wasnt wine; and we laughed about it a while; good times good times breaking the word of wisdom just because his trainer said to; oohh the POWER haha no no seriously i kid; hes a great guy; we get along great and its AWESOME so serve with someone who wants to work and set high goals, we learn together thats for sure
the baptism is this saturday, pretty excited.  I got the bishoprics permission after a bit of a "discussion" did you get my pictures i sent you last week?
District leader is great, i think exchanges are a bit of a pain; but you gotta do what you gotta do; you spend half the time on a train anyway, its a small district thought; and we are starting to turn things around.
im still in cergy by the way; yeah i didnt go anywhere; just got a new companion, so i will be here for at least two transfers now
much love, thanks in advance for the package