Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Email...

Yeah it was a great sunday, yesterday we had 9 again; but 9 different investigators than what came last week, now we just need to get them ALL to come, 18 haha and they will have to open of the overflow, woohoo

so we will be skyping you guys around 6 O'clock tomorrow; christmas day, 6 oclock p.m. our time here in france, i thiiiink they have two computers, so plan on that.

we had a pretty good week this week; christmas zone conference; that went really well, then we went and did exchanges in orléans, i chose to go with elder gardener; who is in his 4th transfer and wants to go home; we did contacting for 6 hours because they didnt have anything planned; we did get a good 12 phone numbers; so that was good; and set up some rendez vous; but he wouldnt talk to anyone, at the end i kind of made him, hes sad because hes not doing missionary work and hes not doing missionary because he is sad; its a cruel cycle, but anyways; it was good for me to do alot of talking to the frenchies; my mouth was pretty dry and jaw pretty tired by the time we were done

everything else is going good; we are visiting one of the families we are teaching at 5 tonight; then over a members house for christmas eve dinner

talk to you all soon

peace out

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