Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another 'Tism

hello fam
that sounds like some pretty good news all around; lots of stuff going down; rugby games; conferences and homies getting married (that is not okay) ha ha come on luke what are ya doin?? nah i kid i kid we always knew he would be the first ha.

Things are going pretty good, Kareena got baptized yesterday, it went really really well, great day all around.  The zone is doing really really good too, so we are pretty excited about that; i was going to send you all some pictures of the baptism but i forgot to bring my cord to upload some photographic evidence, so i will have to send them to you next week :(
we ate some really good asian food on tuesday; me and my comp had to go meet up with one of our district leaders to do a baptismal interview for one of their investigators; she is from the phillipins and made us sommmme mad nems and spring role actions; holy moly some seriously good asian buffet up in that joint; it was a good time.  we had our exchanges with the aps this week as well; my old brussels comp elder dicataldo is ap and he went with my comp cuz i went with him last time, it was a good exchange i went over to versailles.
so it was a busy week with another exchange with elder miller one of our district leaders,and other baptismal interviews, so sunday roles around and we had not found any new amis this week; that is not okay; so we fasted and prayed, after the baptism of kareena on sunday, we went out and did some bat porting; we prayed to specifically find a family of 4, and lo and behold at 8;35 pm, the last door before going home, a mom answers and lets us in; turn out she has two kids and a boyfriend (they need to get married), soooo a family of four, super legit woman, it was cool.  a guy also gave me a free coke even though he wasnt that interested, but i was super thirsty; it was hot in that ghetto bat.
i am super happy for kareena; she has changed sooooo much; already, she had to quit smoking and always reminds us how much happier she feels now, its super cool
xavier is doing great; being a BOSS, should be getting the priesthood soon; he is going to introduce us to his friend this evening, we were walking back with him from kareenas baptism and he called us his heros, ha ha ah shux xavier, he is too legit, he gave his testimony this last week, i went up to him afterward to thank him for his testimony and say good job; he reminded me kindly that it wast him that gave the testimony it was God speaking through him ha good stuff he is super excited to get the priesthood and bring his friends to church
now we just need to go back out there and fix new baptismal dates, find some more elect, so back to the old grind; its always fun; always meeting some cool people, every day is a party in paris, the craziest stuff happens every day; keeps things fun
anywho i think that is all
talk to you all soon on some skypizzle
bye bye

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