Monday, January 21, 2013

A Busy Week...


       Week one of the new transfer is already over; all that moving around in Paris all over and done with.  we had to drive up to paris for mission council because we were going to leave the car up there for the other missionaries because we dont have drivers licenses here in le mans, so the angers elders came over early in the morning, elder burgess and his comp^, my old blue elder guymon, and us four drove up to paris.  guymon drove because he is the only one who could, i think we almost died about 5 times, paris isnt the easiest place to drive in.  but it was all worth it when we drove by the eiffel tower.
         The Marchaedo family is going great; we invited them to be baptized for the 9th of february; and they are still praying to know for sure.  Ludivine is confirmed to be baptzed the 9th of February; I am super excited for that.  We dropped by the family Marchaedo to say goodbye before Elder Stephens left last week, they gave us Bolivian blankets and hats haha with lamas on them, the mom is going great; she is for sure french and was born as aethiest as they come; but wow she has seriously changed since the first time we met her.
         We found 2 new families this first week; that we are pretty excited about.
         It snowed on sunday and today; so there wasnt a whole lot of members at church; french people are just the biggest babies when it snows; a couple centimeters and they freak out haha. but we had a pretty legit snowball fight afterward with the kids; i pwnd some little kids from a mile away; head shot ha, our ward mission leader wasnt too happy with us though; we got too much snow in his car haha
          Week 2 district meeting tomorrow with the whole zone down in poitiers; we are pretty pumped about that.  I dont know if i told you that this transfer is only 5 weeks long instead of 6 so it will go by super fast; I'm hoping to that things will continue to move along as quickly as they are here in le mans

Monday, January 14, 2013

Staying "Put" this Transfer...

Thanks again for the package; twas good stuff, as for requests of what to put in the next one you want to send; i cant think of anything specific; its all good, i have plently of candy though, so you dont have to worry too much about that ha

I learned how to drive stick this past week, its a bit hard in these little french roads, crazy drivers man, but i mastered it like a BEAST.

We got transfer news and Elder Stephens is leaving; going to be zone leader up in brusseles; the same apartment that i lived in; too bad hes going up in winter, he's excitied to go up there; he's heard me say tons and tons of good things about brusseles; so he's pretty pumped but super sad that he is leaving le mans; we did WORK here, was good stuff; he shall be missed.  I am staying here in le mans; getting a new companion; it will be his first as a zone leader; he is a missionary from my mtc group; we lived in the same apartment in cergy; so that will be fun; but maan me and stephens got along great; that's what the whole ward was telling us; they had never seen two elders with such unity; yeah buddy; but it's s'all good.

We had 2 baptisms in Tours this last weekend; tours is a city in our zone, a mom and her daughter; that i had ported into over 2 months ago when i was doing my exchange over there with a young missionary, we did some bat porting; and knocked on all the doors; she opened up and i got her number; i remember leaving that building saying to the other missionary; "sorry about that, not too much success; we will go try another one" now that woman and her daughter are baptized; cash money.

The Marchaedo family has baptismal dates now, for the 26th, they explained to us how we came about finding them when we did porting one night, biggest miracle ever; i will explain it to you all next week; it takes a while to write it all down.

we also fixed a baptismal date with Ludivine; fiiiinally; she should be getting baptized on the 26th as well, so we are super excited about that.

But now the marchaedo family and the other two families that we are teaching are all sick; darn those sicknesses, so we hope that they get better soon; so we can start seeing them again as soon as possible.

Anyway i think thats about it, starting a new transfer; always busy stressful stuff; going up to Paris; lugging the suitcases through the metros; helping lost missionaries; then mission council and then Week 2 district meetings. party woohoo

thanks again

much love

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Good Start to the New Year

Hello the family, thankyou for your prayers for the marcaedo family; they are going great; they told us yesterday at church that they have made the decision to come to church every sunday from now on; so thats good!

New years was great, day off, we had two dinners, one at 5 and then one at 7, so intense; so much food, my comp convinced me to take some laxative, i have no idea if that is spelled right, and im still not sure if that was a good idea or not. But it did the job in flushing the ol system out  :-). The first dinner was with the family rocci, clear out in the woods; 45 minute drive, frere rocci said he doesnt want us to leave; so he asked me for president's number, his wife tried to convince him not too, but he called pres anyways right after we had left, i told him we should stay here in le mans ha

We went down to la rochelle for an exchange, that place is nice; it was weird to smell the ocean, really pretty city, but alot of tourists. took the train out the next morning to district meeting in angers, and then back home; we didnt start missionary work in our own ville until friday; sheesh, but we still managed to get quite a few things done.

I got the second package with the tie and lone-wolf shirt and everything ha ha; thankyou much; it was pretty legit.

I am pretty sure that is everything.  We taught a musim guy and his son a few days ago, it was pretty great; we are teaching a jew this evening; and we "tried" to teach and evangelical african the other day; oh, if you could only hear the kinds of things them evangelicals say ha

thanks for the package

much love

Thursday, January 3, 2013

GREAT Week..

'Twas a good christmas week; got back into the swing of things on wednesday, and now we have 3 days coming where we wont be in our own ville; we will be out doing exchanges down in la rochelle, by the beach!! it worries me that we will be out of our town for that long, but its all good, things will work out

skyping you guys was great; even with the brothers nudity constantly flooding the background ha; funny stuff funny stuff.  i will go down to the post someday soon to see if my package is there, if they just messed it up or something

yeah the transfer ends in about 2 weeks, i really really hope i stay here at least one more transfer so i can see the baptims of nadege, marchaedo family and disola family, i would be prrrretty bummed if i left, i dont want to be sent to another ville where the missionaries before have been slacking off, it makes me angry sometimes just thinking about it. ha

we went and saw the georgian family again; we werent sure if we would ever go back based on how our last rendez vous went; but this rendez vous was awesome, the best yet; it was short, we just bore testimony, read out of the Book of Mormon and shared personal experience, when the closing prayer was done the dad alexandre who is probably one of the most aethiest guys i have ever met, tried to offer us some  more orange juice but he couldnt speak; too choked up, it was good stuff. great family.

all else is going well, i pray that i will stay at least one more here in le mans ha

the family marchaedo didnt came to church this sunday because their kids were sick; half the ward wasnt there because of some sickness that is going around, but we had 2 investigators there anyways; it went really well

all is great, we are going over to a members place tonight to celebrate new years, president doesnt want us out on the streets because there will be too many drunks dudes runnin around

much love

talk to ya soon

Christmas Email...

Yeah it was a great sunday, yesterday we had 9 again; but 9 different investigators than what came last week, now we just need to get them ALL to come, 18 haha and they will have to open of the overflow, woohoo

so we will be skyping you guys around 6 O'clock tomorrow; christmas day, 6 oclock p.m. our time here in france, i thiiiink they have two computers, so plan on that.

we had a pretty good week this week; christmas zone conference; that went really well, then we went and did exchanges in orléans, i chose to go with elder gardener; who is in his 4th transfer and wants to go home; we did contacting for 6 hours because they didnt have anything planned; we did get a good 12 phone numbers; so that was good; and set up some rendez vous; but he wouldnt talk to anyone, at the end i kind of made him, hes sad because hes not doing missionary work and hes not doing missionary because he is sad; its a cruel cycle, but anyways; it was good for me to do alot of talking to the frenchies; my mouth was pretty dry and jaw pretty tired by the time we were done

everything else is going good; we are visiting one of the families we are teaching at 5 tonight; then over a members house for christmas eve dinner

talk to you all soon

peace out