Monday, April 15, 2013

A Wonderful Week...

We have had a pretty good week 2 of the transfer; we worked super super hard; because we had to get things going here, we have a baptismal date with a man called xavier, he is a boss.  on wednesday we did a spiritual finding day, we fasted and did nothing but finding the whole day; talking with people from sun up to sun down; it was the best day ever; there was a member, the first councilor in the bishopric who wanted to come do some contacting with us in the road, i said sure; i know his family pretty well from le mans; nice guy, we had tons of success that day; i think only now are we really starting to realize all the mircales we saw that day.  during the late morning we were praying behind a parked car, before starting again to talk to people, right after we finished i went up and talked to a man that was walking by; we talked a bit; i saw he was interested so i invited him to talk more with us in the park; he said okay; he's xavier, and we have seen him 4 times since then; he came to church; he said he had been praying and looking to know how he could come closer to God, and everytime we meet with him he tells us how happy he feels when he talks with us or prays, cool guy; he has a date for the 27th of April
             we met another girl Kareena, who is going to come do a family home evening with us tonight with a family in the ward, she is so legit; and we are hoping to fix a date with her as well; for the 4th of may.  we found a couple families from south america as well; too bad i dont speak spanish; but i am working on it; hoping to get my testimony down in spanish before i go over there again this next week.  luckily there are quite a few members who can speak spanish and come with us; but we had a super good time with the family from ecquador the first time we went over; she laughed at me when i tried to say some stuff in spanish ahaha it was pretty funny.
             i got a call from my last call that they regained contact with the merchado family back in le mans; louis the dad had a heart attack and so they were at the hospital for the longest time, but now its all good; it was some really really good news to hear.
            i met the ward this last sunday; it was super cool; pretty big ward of a little over a hundred people; very paris; lots of diversity, i spent a good bit of time after church talking with the african moms haha they said if they thought i was french haha ah shux; now if i can get french people to say that; that would be money.  its a really really cool ward though; so i am pretty excited; i have thought that it might be possible that i will finish my mission in this ward; that is crazy to think about; but that would mean i would spend 4 transfers here; im okay with that; paris is paris; everyday just the craziest things happen.
            I am hoping to be sending y'all a letter; explaining a bit more about the mish life here in paris; there is just too much i barely have enough time to write it all down in my journal; but things are going well; we are going to be doing a spriritual finding day this week on thursday to specifically find a young family that will be baptized; i have faith that it will happen; God answers sincere prayers it is as simple as that.
            i have been thinking alot about the people i have baptized lately, collette, gracia, chantal, fran├žois, philomen, laticia, and ludivine; i love them all ALOT and that motivates me to help guide and do all that i can to help others follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, pray for xavier, kareena; and pamela.
much love

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