Monday, April 29, 2013

Settling in to the new Zone

hello hello
this morning as we were getting ready to leave i was looking out the window when i saw two black kids try to steal a phone from a girl; (they couldnt even get it, noobs) right there down on the sidewalk in the middle of the day; cars passing by and everything; people in the park right next to them; then after they failed they jogged away and just starting walking again like nothing happened, so i told elder miller, who lives with us to come with me and we went downstaires and outside; we followed them down the road; they saw us and started getting pretty scetched out; we crossed the road to try and get closer then the little noobs just sprinted off; i dont think i wanted to emberass myself and try running after them; but we gave them a good scare i think; twas funny twas funny
so this week in the zone of PARIS SUD, every one of our companionships found new investigators and has a baptismal date; yeah that like doesnt ever really happen, so we were pretty excited about that, president talked a little about it on conference call this morning; go zone go! they are a great bunch of elders and sisters, i am thankful for the opportunity i have to work with them all and see their progress and hear about their miracles
we fixed our second baptismal date this last week with a kareena; a 29 year old girl, she is super legit. and we met another great great guy a couple weeks ago; that we are hoping to fix a baptismal date in the coming days.  Xavier is going great; he has quit smoking and came to church yesterday; everything seems to be going great, keep praying for him.
towards the end of this week things seemed to get a little harder, contacting in the road seemed to become more difficult; tons of muslims; and we would try and bash them instead of just telling them whats up and walking away; so we need a to refocus a little and keep working hard and effectivily to find those elect that are still out there.
but things are going well, we have interviews with president tomorrow and are giving the zone our formation; that we have been thinking alot about, i dont know how much time i have left a  zone leader so i have to make these last few formations the best possible haha, nah but it will go good, we are excited.
it was rush hour one day and we were coming from a lesson; we got on one of the trams leaving from porte d'orléans, which is pretty darn busy around evening; long story story short some younger girls thought it would be funny to shmeegle my bum, yes it was pretty jammed packed, keep your hands to yourselves girlies; sheesh; i think i gave her a stern enough look that they stopped but then i couldnt help but laugh and get off; oh joobies
this week elder thomas and i decided we are going to do a special day of finding to find a FAMILY that is prepared and ready to accept the gospel and be baptized, we are really looking forward to that
anyways thats about it, thank again for everything
talk to you all soon

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