Monday, June 3, 2013

Doing GREAT!

hello hello
ah yesh the ol united alumni games; always the best; joseph what a pimp daddy ha ha, thats pretty cool, and zachs graduation, wowzers; it doesnt seem like too long ago that i was at my graduation at the marriott center, joobies. and now he is waiting his mission call; crazy stuff, i got an email from bracken mudrow last week, that was cool.
we have a baptism coming up this saturday so we are pretty excited about that, and then one planned for the 15th, now we just need to fix some more, we want to have at least two more dates this week; there is so much potential here and we want to keep having a healthy number of dates and progressing amis.
so things are going really good so far, we have zone conference coming up next week in paris with elder ballard so that is something that we are looking forward to as well.
yeah strasbourg is prrrrretty pretty, you should see where are apartment is, pretty legit, we bumped into a member from the states on our way home to the apartment the other night, he for sure reminded us how lucky we were to be serving in a place like that. its true ha ha, we see members from america from time to time; its funny because i can spot them from a mile away.
i love to just go out and talk with peeps, i am trying to get my younger zone leader comp in the same state of mind ha, once you make that click in your head and you see it as something friggin legit and fun; you see success, hes a good guy
we had 4 investigators at church; and the ward was kind of freaking out; ha ha it had been a while since that had happened, oohh the joy of coming into a ville after some missionaries that slacked off, that is one of the postives of having to start the work all over again.
anyways i think that is all; i got zachs gradutaion announcement, twas very cool; thanks
talk to you all soon
much love

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