Monday, August 5, 2013

A Baptism...

hello family
this week was pretty good, emilionne got baptized on sunday, it was awesome.  we finally decided to just go ahead with everything and have her get baptized on sunday; so we saw her almost every day the week before the baptism. we asked her this past thursday who she wanted to have baptize her, i told a bunch of members that she knew that would happily baptize her, she said she would prefer if we baptized her, what a surprise ha, so i told her elder sughroue would be happy to do that for her, he didnt understand what i said until after the rendez vous, but he was pretty pumped when i told him after, he said he didnt think he would baptize someone for at least the first 6 months of his mission
the baptismal ordanance went by smoothly, afterward she had the opportunity to bare her testimony; and her two sons and their wives came, which was cool because they were all really catholic, and didnt really want their mom to get baptized, but when she bore her testimony, she said, i know my kids didnt really want me to get baptized again, but i followed my heart and did what i know is true.  i thank the missionaries. one of her sons started to cry a little, it was good to see ha. once the kids saw the church and met the members and us, alot changed
we had a few other investigators come to church; one of them named ricardo and his french wife, so that was super cool.  he invited us over to eat at his place, it was super good, i did plenty of magic tricks, it was too much fun haha
everything else is going well, i got news that i will be spending my last transfer here
so all is going well, now we just need to get back to work and get some baptismal dates fixed, we some serious potentials.
so everything is going well. thanks for everything i appreciate it
much love :)

talk to you all soon

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