Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Week...

Yeah the language is my mainn concernn, it can just be frustrating at times, but that is good advice, and i shall take heed, yatta
I can skype so i will probably just do that, and right when yyou get back from church works best, so around 8:15 pm my time
and zach is having surgery, too much ab belt you cotton headed ninny muggins, i knew it would give you a hernia haha
we drove uup to this onne city; 2 hours east of us, the bishop drove us, we went to help someone move stuff, it was right next to luxembourg, so the drive was really cool
we just got to the cyber cafe from pascals, he had the tv on like alwayys while we eat and play phase 10, and some rugby was on, northern hemisphere gay-ness, but still rugby, i would be lying if i said i didnt watch a couple minutes of it haha ill repent later 
but its all good, last week was hard, just frustration all the time, nobody to teach, smaller town with too many old grumpy french guys, and my comp having his little diva moments, but this week almost every day is booked with member dinners mangez-vous and what not, so yeah

Monday, December 5, 2011

Doing Well!

well said well said faja...

thats very true; the first couple days i was like <<wow its pretty dark here; rains a lot; very cold; no grass; and full of aethiests and catholics>> hhaha but its all good
as for maja and the bretheren; mark my words i will make up for the oportunities i lost to mess around; you better watch out zach and ben; i have two years to think... haha
my comp isnt that bad; we are just different i guess; he looks; walks; talks; and acts like a girl, which is disturbing,... but whatever
we do a lot of like serving and chillin and talking with members and their kids; thats cool and what not; and my comp loves to do that; but come on dawg! we need to teach some lessons in this bisnizzle
but anyway we went to lille for thanksgiving; way cool; owned the noobs in some american football
I just got done chillin with pascal; hes like in his late 30s; owns a pizza shop where we help him out; he feeds us pretty often; so good; food is great
we ate with the bonnamy family; and the ludrue family; and gorgette annd the membres a week before
we went and home taught the vanaquer family last night; and i gave the whhole lesson twas great
and we are catching the train early tomorrow morning to paris; we hhave our district meeting there; so thatll be pretty cool
as for saint quentin; i think the population size is about the same as provo, probably more; so its not a huge city; or a small town; its very old annd has a lot of old people; its not big enough to have a metro; but plenntyy of buses and a train station; our apartment is nice; its two stories; on this small road right behhin the cathedral; i went into the cathedral yesterday; its actuallyy called a bassilica; becuase it has relics in it; its got saint quentins hand in a glass box haha and some of his bones; but they are still doing some finishing touches onn the far side becuase it got owned in WWII can still see bullet holes; and most of the statues got their heads smashed off during thhe french revolution
but all is good; thanks for everythinng; i look forward to the package
oh can you also send me some photos from hhhome; hard copies; just of whatever; me; the fam; rugby; the homies; camping
the ward members love to see them
much love