Monday, August 12, 2013

A TOUGH Day...

hello hello

this week was pretty good. but probably the hardest sunday of my life, hardest day of my life joobies. on my way to church walking; called emillion to make sure she was on her way because she was getting confirmed this last sunday, i was on the phone with her, and right away from the tone of her voice i new it was not ok, she said she was not coming because she didnt want to leave her kids, her kids are being the devil and trying to convince her not to continue, we saw her the day before and she was great, her kids who are like 30 didnt even want to join us and were being super immature in the kitchen when i invited them to come join us.  anyways i was distraught.. i wanted to throw up almost, but i talked with her on the phone for a good 15 minutes and finally got her to promise me that she was going to come and get confirmed and recieve the holy ghost, she is so torn, but she came and got confirmed, i ended up doing it, because the member didnt want to, geeze.  but i had a couple members who she is close with reeally talk with her, i think things will start going better now. i had to give the lesson in priesthood while we were figuring this all out, and then, she called telling me she forgot her bus pass so i had to find a member that had a car and drive us up there, it was out of control, but its all good now, i will be calling her tonight to go and see her on wednesday.
    my lesson went well though ;) haha and we had a couple other amis that came, so that was good

i am at the mission home now, just had my interview with president and his wife, went well.  yesterday me and my blue went out to teach this family that lived over by all these big bats, we had eggs thrown at us from the windows, probably muslims... haha but i did some legit judo dodging

anyways thats about all, talk to you all soon, much love

thanks for everything, and all the advice, it helps alot

bisous bisous

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