Sunday, April 14, 2013

Working Hard....

hopefully zach is feeling a little bit better; let me know how the hammer of justice rains down upon the noobs that just dont know what to do with their lives, ha but anyways seriously hope he is doing good.  it was cool to see the pictures of you guys in vegas, pretty legit photo of mariah in paris; veeerrry proffesional; who took that photo? ha  Ben looks like some random dude who i dont even know haha i still he is still wearing my adidas jacket; look ben if you miss me so much that you feel you have to wear my clothes thats kinda weird hommie ha i kid.
      Antony is going good, it was a super hard week, there are no investigators... or anything really going on here... i take a few deep breaths and try my hardest to not start asking a bunch of angry questions, its kind of frustrating, like come on guys what were you doing the last 6 weeks. we will just have to start from scratch, it's gonna be a week of straight finding coming up; but i'm excited!!!!  but really my new comp is a super nice guy, first transfer as a ZL, it will go good.
      conference was good, we went to the versailles chapel to watch it; so i havnt really even met my new ward yet; but its cool i will meet them all next sunday, conference is always fun with all the missionaries.  I live in a four man apartment; its pretty good, a new blue is with us, ah i just love being around blues; honestly they remind of the good ol days, ha ha i want to train again. but being ZL is cool too :)
       anways; i would love some pics of me playing byu rugby; i think alot of members dont believe me that i play because they see how skinny i am haha especially now; joobies, the last pictures you sent me were of you guys fishing and our last camping trip.
       I think that is everything, have a great week

much love, pray for us so that we can find some legit people :)

talk to you soo

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