Monday, March 11, 2013

An Ending Date, and All Goes Well....

hello hello

we had a pretty good week this week, patrices baptism is still good for the 23rd so we are pretty excited about that; we are going to go over and see him this evening with a member.  we were not able to see dexters family this week cuz they were out of town; and the merchados have been gone too.
       we did alot of bat porting this past week, and got let in a good 3 times in one night; and met some really cool people that we are going to be seeing again soon.
       I decided that i will be staying out here until the end, meaning the 18th of september, theres still a few things that i have to figure out but i think it will all go pretty good.
       thats cool to hear that london and nathan had thier farewell ha, good stuff good stuff.  I only have about 3 weeks left here in le mans, so still working really hard trying to engage people to live the gospel and be baptized; there is for sure still people here that could be baptized in less than 3 weeks, so the search and work continues.  patrice didnt come to church this sunday for the first time in 5 weeks; so of course i automatically start jumping to conclusions; but as far as we know he is still good; pray for him. the weeks before baptism are always so hard.
      thats about it, some crazy weird; and funny stuff goes down everyday; maybe i should step up my game and write you guys some letters ha, well my bad; i will get on that.
         we have zone conference this coming week up in paris with a member of the 70. elder richards; so that should be pretty cool.

thanks again.

much love; talk to you all soon

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