Monday, May 28, 2012

Doing well...

very nice very nice; We had to push Pierres baptismal date to the back of June; I'm sure he will eventually be baptized; he wants more time to tell his family; who are all catholic, so i probably will be transfered out of here by then; so its sad; but as long as he gets baptized; its all good.
Yesterday we got confronted by some jehovahs witnesses... i smashed them to the ground.  I then felt somewhat bad (for them); do they not think they i have studied the history of their church; and know how to destroy their efforts to disuade us!  Muslims; jehovahs witnesses; catholics; bhuddists; atheists; and protestants; but now I have ceased :-) ; it is a distraction; and in the long run it does nothing; but sometimes it just gets to me; and i cant help it
We had some more brazilian bbq yesterday; twas great as usual, however we were late getting home; its funny because you really start to understand why we have the be back at the apartment at 9:30 rule; because theres that quick switch right when the sun goes down, the metros turn crazy; and theres parties going down everywhere ha; absolutely nuts; so yeah that wont happen again
We saw a lady get her necklace stolen the other day; we would have chased them down, but the time we got up to the corner; they were long gone; and judging by all the kebabs ive been eating lately; i probably would have just wound up humiliating myself, two arab boys... of course, talked with the lady after; turned out it was a 500 euro necklace; kind of gives you a new point of view on Aladdin, i dont think i could ever watch that film again and not become enraged by a street theif arab
We are seeing paul tonight; a less active albanian man; i have told you about him before; the bouncer; im pretty sure hes in the mafia ha nah jokes; but seriously.. we are going through the lessons with him; he loves it; and i look forward to them every week
We had the best numbers in the zone this week, not that its about numbers; buuut just sayin, and then i read a passage in a book about how many lessons and investigators a missionary in peru gets; annnd that brought me back down to earth ha
We have a seventy coming this wednesday; i cant help but think that hes going to spiritually "smash" us; Elder Teixiera or somthing like that
Anyway; thanks for everything, thanks for the package thats coming; its finally sunny over here; and the metros are just sweaty and disgusting and it smells like africa
much love

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Going Well...

ah man it sounds like an absolute party back there in the land of milk and honey, spring time is just too good, school ending; rugby in full swing and shlobus still being a shmeegal ha.

thats much respect to United, I think thats legit; before i forget; do you think the national chamionship will be in rio tinto when i get back?  Anyway, so zach threw up from nervousness; ah man thats too good; i cant wait to come back and watch them play.  and play with them some day; that will be too fun.  BYU well deserved indeed; thats so cool; thats too bad that Cal had to drop down; it would be sweet to beat them in the national chamionship; but thats still really cool.

I would love to coach the backs at united some day as well; maybe even when shlobus is grown up a little and playing; ha but by then i think i will be around 33, so thats a ways away. much much respect to United; what a perfect team; they were more than a team when i went there; it changed alot of guys lives and keeps them on the straight and narrow; something great to work toward; give coach colin my thanks.

before i forget; if you want... before you send my package off; i hope you havnt sent it yet; could you chuck a quotes book in there; just any cool book with some quotes in it; i think we use to have a little; something like that.

We set a baptismal date with Pierre, a great guy who i have been teaching for a while, i hope all goes well and he will be baptized on the 9th of June, what a great pre birthday gift ha.  Something great happened a few days ago; during fast and testimony meeting at church; Sister Dravie, an african woman in our ward got up to bare her testimony, she got baptized a couple years ago. she lives alone,  She talked about how she was going through a really hard time; bad health and other things; one day she prayed really hard; she missed the missionaries; she hadnt seen them for a long time and thought they forgot about her, she wanted help.  in her testimony she said that right after her prayer she heard the doorbell ring; she opened the door, it was Elder Webber and Elder Dicataldo, we were just finishing off our list of recent converts we wanted to go see; and her name was next; it wasnt until many weeks later; during her testimony that i knew her prayer had been answered and that we were lucky enough to be a part of that, anyway, she was so excited to see us; weve seen her many times since; i gave her a blessing last night; things are going great. So i guess thats my spiritual thing for the day ha

Many weeks ago me and elder D contacted an african woman in the street; we came to find out she was less active member; we got her number and talked to her for a while, we passed her number on to the sister missionaries; yesterday we found out that her three daughters and her nephew are taking the lessons now and they all want to get baptized; all from a 2 minute contact on the road; pretty cool

We had dinner last night with a family from Goiania Brazil;, i dont know if i spelled that right; we ate some brazilian bbq; i thought that was pretty funny

anyways much love, thanks for the letters and package, tell the bros good luck with rugby; mariah good luck with track and soccer; and Aaron good luck with school and opionionology haha


Monday, May 7, 2012

Transfers,... But staying (with a new comp.)

thats funny about joseph; what a shmeegle.  Cool to hear that both
united and byu are doing pretty good; thats legit; does zach play 12?

we got the transfer information; and im staying in Bruxelles, thats
what i wanted; i get a newer guy who just got finished being trained;
finally im not junior comp; geeeeeze louize, i see so many
missionaries that are older or have "leadership" positions (my italien
comp) that are just noobs, sometimes i really wonder whats going
through their head; meeeh maybe im just getting tested for my

but anyway im way excited; we are going to do alot of good things this
transfer i can tell; so it will be cool.  This past week i broke my
personal record for most lessons in a week; we had 15. yatta. and 4
amis at church.  I remember in Saint Quentin when i would have 2 or 3
lessons a week sometimes; that was really hard; but i look back at it;
and it was good for me.

during some contacting last week we met a young african dude; we later
met him down at "his place" pretty much the ghettos of all ghettos,
this building under construction on the street corner; where all the
African homies would stand around and hang out; on the same road there
are all these big loading garages and every once and a while a driver
or store owner will come and pick a few african dudes to come help him
unload; and they get paid a little; ha; wow its like 18th century
southern USA all over again.  however we started teaching our friend
on the bench and low and behold all the brothas started coming out;
listening in, sitting down with us; and then 4 of them showed up to
church this past sunday; pretty unexpected, awesome.

apartment is getting a bit crazy, with transfers coming up; we tend to
get a little too excited; water balloons all up that apartment; place
turned into a huge; oh good times.  The Italian wasnt happy; thats
only because hes a noob and cant catch so his bed and himself got
pretty wet ha

anyway; thats about all i can think of right now; thanks for the
letters; i shall write back shortly

much love