Monday, January 30, 2012

A Good Week...

Very cool, yeah transfers are soon, there like an 85 percent chance that im going to stay in st quentin, but if you wanna wait to send the package; thats fine too, Sounds like rugby is going pretty good at byu and united thats cool.
I went on an exchange to Lille last tuesday; very very cool city; the third biggest in the mission i think; after Paris and Brussels, there were alot more people to talk with; and they all werent old either ha
The language is coming along slooowly but surely; so thats cool as well.  And we go back into paris AGAIN on thursday; and amiens again for district meeting tomorrow; there is wwaaaaaayy too many of these little meetings; i tell you what sheesh; i was especially dissapointed becuase we had a rendez vous with a younger guy we found; so now we have to reschedule that; joobies.
A few days ago while doing some porting in one of those big ghetto apartment buildings, we found a young guy; johnathan; 19 years old, lives with his grandpa, we gave the classic approach and he was nice; gave us his number; He said he loved basketball and the USA and wants to go there; so i invited him to play Bball with us on saturday mornings with the youth of the ward; he was so pumped, buuut now we have things getting in the way so we cant do it this saturday or next saturday; its flippin frustrating, cuz i know if he just comes once he would love it; love the boys; the church; playing bball; buuuttt now we just wait i guess; but we gave him the first lesson this past week and it went really well.
Also we met some nigerian immigrants on the bus a few days ago; they spoke english; so we got to talking; they were way chill so we set up to meet with them a couple days later; one of the two showed up; the other guy was doing some legal stuff; cuz they qre looking for legality and work; so we met up with joseph; black; skinny tall guy, we met at the cathedral and walked down to the church where we started talkin a bit; long story short he left africa becuase its a horrible place; his dad was the leader in his church; but then his dad died so he was next in line; but he said the church did weird stuff like animal sacrifice and he refused; so they beat him almost to death; he had this massive scar on his forhead; eventually he was chased out of africa; and he had to leave his family and come to france; 23 years old look for work; living in some kind of government ghetto, so we told him a bit about our church and invited him to read the BOM, he said he would; so its rough stuff, he would say "by the grace of God i am here now; i just want to follow Jesus and turn my life around, but it comes; little bit at a time; our time is not Gods time, you understand?" amen brotha amen, "i have alot to be thankful for; good health... i can walk, but you are very good people, i can see that; you understand? i will read the book"  so we that was intense; technically it was a lesson; and you write that down in your planner; and give it to the zone leaders, and what not; but he for sure tought us more that night, what an inpiration; you almost feel guitly after that; so you just try harder to do more.
But yatta anywho, what are the brethren up to these days? and mariah? I am now the all powerful master at church because of my ability to give reeses to whom ever i please, even the adults are starting to come up to me, shmeeglin around for my reeses; i just have to round house kick some peeps to the face hahaha
Feed the birds... toppins a bag
Thanks again, toodles

Monday, January 23, 2012

Busy, busy...

Suuup G units; (zach is just a unit) hmmm as for my next package... the miracle of forgiveness and the great apostasy by talmage, if you could chuck those in there; thatd be sweet; but other than that; you can choose
and yeah i got the all blacks bag thing in the christmas package; thankyou very much its way cool.
Faja that is a very good idea; i was having similar ideas, because earlier when i would try to make a list or set goals; they would change the next day cuz i was learning new stuff or changing my views; but now seems just about right; ive got the routine down and what not.  

On sunday bishop told me all about how mitt romney is doing ha; very interesting, i think if obama spent a few weeks over in france he would see what socialism can do to a country haha sheees no good
that sounds like a crazy schedule for aaron; sheeesh; i imagine it doesnt seem that bad to him though; coming straight from a mish. his schedule sounds alot like.... my first semester at BYU!! oooh joobies; mono, weights and conditioning in the morning; classes; evening practice; then legends grill.... you gotta do what you gotta do to bring home the bacon, ha je blague je blague, so aaron is doing rugby; thats way cool; how many years will we play together; 1 or 2
yeah i would love to see some pictures of back home, scropus especially,
My pictrures; one is me in Gare Du Nord in paris; the other ones outside are in brussels; and a belgian waffle; with that famous peeing baby in the background, and me with my christmas present from elder paoletti from perpignan; a perpignan rugby scarf; straight from the stadium itself; prrrretty legit; i wore it the whole day.
We have been finding more potential investigators; some of them i feel really good about, so i hope that it things will go smoothy and we will continue to find more peeps
much love; talk to you soon

Monday, January 16, 2012

Moving Along...

Sup hoooooomies
I got your package just barely; thankyou very much for all the stuff; and the reeses; theyre practically like drugs around here; soon the ward will be under my control and my underground reeses trade will be underway
I hope y'all are getting my pictures, im not very good at this computer stuff
Much love and thanks for the prayers; it shall help indeed, I'm heading up to Brussels this week for my legality in Belgium; I forgot which day though. 

Man Saint Quentin is not easy; President asked my comp "do you have enough faith to find someone in Saint Quentin?" so its a rough spot; small and lots of old people, but yatta; we are finding some peeps slowly but surely; young ones too
I finished Jesus the Christ a couple weeks ago; wow what an intense book ha; one of my favorites; in my previous life I would never have read it ha but now thats the only thing that I read in English; so its like a nice break and I really enjoyed it ha, a couple days ago we ate kangaroo at a members house; to be honest, it tasted like beef; very nice beef, no big difference, thats really cool to hear about jeff; now alllll the boys are out; jared; joshua; jeff; pete; (I hope Joseph); logan; talen; preston; ezra; luke; the lisssst goes on; sooooo coooooooll
What are the brrrrrethren up to??? scrophus and mariah??? and it sounds like I left at the right time, because winter doesnt sound too wet or cold; which is cool in a way; but thats gonna have its effects on rafting in the summer, thaaaatttss too bad ha
Anywho thanks again; talk to you all soon

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back on Track!

Sup homies; last week was pretty stressful; i just remember being frustrated and i guess that came out in my email, i apologize; but this week is better
mama gooch i got all the christmas cards and t shirts, the cards were great i loved them, although i didnt take your advice and opened up 3 of them on one day ha but all good; the shirts are awesome too
my comp is doing good; we are all good; i misjudged him a little bit; i know it sounds weird; he is a hard worker, theres just some things that he does that i would do differently, thats all, when i look at some of the other missionaries around here; i got really lucky to get this guy, he wakes up on time, we work all day until its time to go back; he speaks good french; and we keep all the rules; so its all good
we went to paris on saturday for my legality; and that went well, so thats good, got to see all the elders from my mtc group, that was pretty cool
yesterday we went to lille for zone conference and interviews with president, it was great i loved it, my interview was in french so i though i did pretty good; i told president how things were going good; and one of my top goals is the language; his answer surprised me, he said my french sounded great; but then he said; learning a language is like an american film, it always has a good ending; you will learn the french language; theres no doubt; what you should really be focusing on is your relationship with your Heavenly Father; so he asked me about my spiritual goals; i was surprised a bit; but after having thought about it; i think he is completely right. im a bit competitive and i really want to learn the lang; but in all honestly i think im far better than average at this point; so its time to straightin out my priorites
but sister poznanski told me what elder bednar said when asked how missionariescan learn the language faster he used three steps
1. missionaries pray morning day and night for help with the language
2. the family of the missionary pray morning day and night to help his language
3. learn the language for the right reasons; to teach the gospel
so if yall could do that; thatd be cool thaaaaankyou.
At this point we have one progressing investigator, hes old soooooooo thats kind of cool i guess ha but last time we saw him we read a bit out of the BOM and i told him a little bit about how we can pray and find out if its true; and how cool prayer is.  He just started crying; crying, crying, i do not know why, before we left he shook my hand and told me thankyou pointed at me and kind of poked me in the chest
so that was inspiring
anywho home sounds cool, hopefully ryan and chris head out soon
rugby sounds cool, i love to hear about it; thanks alot
peace out homies, much love; thankyou mom dad and mariah

P.s.  Some pics:  thug life in the ghetto of saint quentin, milking cows with the pollette family; chrismas day after dinner at pascals

Monday, January 2, 2012

He's Obviously Busy

Sup homies, that sounds like a respectable christmas, very smart benjashmeeg very smart indeed; i like that.  ZACALY!! not too shabby either
Pops thank you for the advice; i have started my list, of things to stop doing; things to start doing; and things to continue doing, that will indeed be very helpful
nothing toooo exciting has happened.  had dinner with the seube family on new years eve, had the classic, salmon, fois gras; cheese and what not
thats funny to hear about pete; i always knew he would roast like a sausage ha
anywho much love, thank you for the email maja, its funny to hear what is going down
much love, yatta