Monday, September 2, 2013

Winding Down in terms of Time, but NOT in Terms of Effort...

So anyways, this week was good, well Damba will not be getting baptized this transfer most likely... we will continue to see him and meet with him, he is having some family problems and we can never see him. But Audrey is getting baptized!! oh wow what a miracle, like seriously i wish i could explain everything to you, she is super super super legit, the ward LOVES her.   She asked me to baptize her... ah joobies i cant say no to that :)  we taught her law of chastity, tithing and word of wisdom this weekend, she accepted it all.  she came to church and i went with our ward mission leader to help her find baptismal clothes after sacrament, in the hall she told me she was so happy she wanted to cry and she will probably cry a lot on the day of her baptism; i told her to let it rain with those tears, may as well fill up the font half way and let her fill up the rest, joobies shloobies.  Everytime she starts talking about how she met us at mcdonalds she starts to get all teary eyed ha ha. she is super nervous though, so i told her a little story, "audrey 6 months ago, while serving in le mans, i received a phone call informing to me that i needed to make up my mind if i was going to go home a transfer early for school or stay out till after the end, my comp and had already chosen to go home early, i really really really did not know, then i dreamed that i was home after my mission and i was talking with mom and crying and asking her why i did not stay out the extra 6 weeks, when i woke up i prayed and knew without a thread of doubt that God would put someone on my path the last 6 weeks that was looking for the gospel, there was no doubt in my mind,voilĂ " she was all good after i told her that... no worries :)
We had an out of control crazy african rendez vous, ha ha i will have to tell you more about that later, i recieved alot of praise afterwards from the members who came to teach with us, come on boys help me stay humble here ha ha:) .... it was just a bible bash

i got my plane ticket info a couple days ago... yikes
anyways all else is well, we are going to the louvre today, for the 4th time for the me ha ha ;) ca va
much love
talk to you soon

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