Thursday, January 3, 2013

GREAT Week..

'Twas a good christmas week; got back into the swing of things on wednesday, and now we have 3 days coming where we wont be in our own ville; we will be out doing exchanges down in la rochelle, by the beach!! it worries me that we will be out of our town for that long, but its all good, things will work out

skyping you guys was great; even with the brothers nudity constantly flooding the background ha; funny stuff funny stuff.  i will go down to the post someday soon to see if my package is there, if they just messed it up or something

yeah the transfer ends in about 2 weeks, i really really hope i stay here at least one more transfer so i can see the baptims of nadege, marchaedo family and disola family, i would be prrrretty bummed if i left, i dont want to be sent to another ville where the missionaries before have been slacking off, it makes me angry sometimes just thinking about it. ha

we went and saw the georgian family again; we werent sure if we would ever go back based on how our last rendez vous went; but this rendez vous was awesome, the best yet; it was short, we just bore testimony, read out of the Book of Mormon and shared personal experience, when the closing prayer was done the dad alexandre who is probably one of the most aethiest guys i have ever met, tried to offer us some  more orange juice but he couldnt speak; too choked up, it was good stuff. great family.

all else is going well, i pray that i will stay at least one more here in le mans ha

the family marchaedo didnt came to church this sunday because their kids were sick; half the ward wasnt there because of some sickness that is going around, but we had 2 investigators there anyways; it went really well

all is great, we are going over to a members place tonight to celebrate new years, president doesnt want us out on the streets because there will be too many drunks dudes runnin around

much love

talk to ya soon

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