Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A "Super" Week

Its been a great week; we had to move Josés baptism back a week because he couldnt come to church this weekend, but we fixed another baptismal date with raymond and brother salles called me while i was on the train coming back from Paris; we have visited the family salles a couple times now, they used to be less active but started coming back to church a few months ago, anyways we have a mission goal to baptize a family before the year ends; or "creat an eternal family" we introduced the goal to alot of the members so they could start praying for it, brother salles has a 13 year old daughter who is not baptized; so he called me and said; why not our family! yeah he got the hint haha so we have started teaching his daughter the lessons.  we have found a couple other new families; one of them is going really well, we are seeing them tonight.
        I got the christmas package by the way, fudge is great, thank you much
thats great news about kody sorensen; brother sorensen is legit, i love that guy haha, tell kody congratulations for me
       Week 2 district meeting start tomorrow; so we have been spending alot of time preparing for that.  but this time we are having the whole zone meet in poitiers; so we dont have to take trains and run around everywhere; using up our whole week; just a couple days out of the week now.
        Nah i wasnt in the choir for the andersen conference; but on the mission facebook page there is pictures of the whole mission
       Everything else is going great; we have been doing alot of finding, bat porting; got let in several times last night, a muslim couple; un "maitre chien" dog master haha that guy cracked me up; and a jehovahs witness; one of the reasons why i love bat porting so much; you meet some of the coolest people ever.
        Thanks for everything, i shall be sending y'all a letter soon.

much love; LOVE YOU MOM!!

talk to you all soon

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