Monday, October 1, 2012

A Baptism...

the baptism went great; francois was pretty dang excited; at first when we were filling up the font the water was super cold; i called a member and he told me to push a few buttons and i did; then the water was hot; but it was almost boiling hot when it was finished; good think it was our ward mission leader who went in to baptize francois; not me, he came out his feet were bright red, haha noob. after francois was dunked he stood in the faunt for about 30 seconds, just being quiet; it was really a special moment for him; he was really happy

things are going well; we continue working with our other baptismal dates; one of them might move away to england this next week; so we will see

my blue has had to spend alot of time in paris and he went up to brussels to do his belgium legality; so i would spend long days down in paris doing contacting or waiting around; its kinda hard being a trainer; but i dont mind it, it can be pretty fun

there seems to be quite a bit of political movement going on over here; but i dont know if thats just normal; they did sound out a few text messages saying to stay out of heavily populated arab areas for a while; and then theres just the classic gays and feminists who are always complaining or rioting about something

but all else is well, we hope to get at least 2 baptisms before this transfer ends in 3 weeks; so thats means that we will have to find some new peeps this week and keep working hard with the ones we have

much love

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