Monday, October 29, 2012

A GREAT week, and start in the new area...

I apologize in advance, this email will be short.

But on to more important things; i got sick on transfer day; of course; that is just my like; but i am feeling better now. My comp is elder Justin Stephens; we were in the same classes in orchard elementary school!!! what the joobies!

We are recieving some major blessings from heaven here so far; our first day we called the only two investigators that the elders had here; during our first rendez vous with them we fixed baptismal dates for the both of them, whoot whoot, we are finding new investigators left and right, my mouth is getting tired and all dry from talking all day; especially in french, not the easiest language with a sore throat.  this town has been seriously prepared; its pretty cool.

We went up to Paris on Friday for mission conference with all the zone leaders and president, talked about all the stuff we have coming up.  tomorrow we leave to start week 2 district meeting; we go visit each district in our zone, talk to all the districts and train all the district leaders afterwards.  we also plan on doing all our exchages with the district leaders after the meetings; so tuesday wednesday and thursday we will not be in our ville at all; it kind of scares me; that we have to leave our city for so long and our investigators; but this will save time overall.  we go to angers, (where elder burgess is the DL haha) then to blois for the next district meeting; back to Tours for the exchange, and then to Poitiers for the last district meeting.  Its the largest zone in the mission; my head feels like it is going to explode, but s'allllll good; then zone conference and interviews we have to figure out; and the big mission conference; we have to get our whole zone up to paris when elder Andersen of the 12 is coming.  I'm sure i will be getting plenty of phone calls.

Sometimes it seems like we have no time at all to do the actual missionary work; but we do; and the Lord puts the right people in our path, things just work out, the little time we do get; I just make sure i talk with EVERYONE

That's funny about joseph; what a shmeegle haha

Sunday was great, the ward here is alot different from the one in cergy, alot of old french people haha; but they are nice, the bishop is actually a young 37 year old african dude; he's a pimp.  We presented ourselves; and it seems like they are happy to have us.

much love

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