Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Good Week

We found someone who wanted to get baptized on the 20th, which was quite the miracle, we had a lesson with him on saturday, but he then explained he had found a little side job in paris; so he could not come to church the next day or see us until wednesday; i pulled a francois on him, telling him he has to make the decision between this side job and the baptism; and the blessings that come with; a real test of his faith; afterwards my blue said i was too hard on him; and need to take it easy... nah i dont think so.
unfortuneatly he chose the job and didnt come to church; and is working down in paris until wednesday; soooo he will just have to put his blessings on hold i guess; his choice; you can only do so much.  BUT we still have every intention of finding someone to baptize this weekend.  we had a meeting with our ward mission leader; his is a bit of a knuckle head; after church yesterday; i told him we would call him tuesday evening to tell him who will be getting baptized the weekend; he kind of just looked at us, and didnt say anything haha

we saw some great things this past week; its been raining all week and pretty cold; so instead of doing the usual contacting; we decided to do some bat porting in a group of big apartment complexes i had seen earlier; after waiting for someone to do the code and enter the building we shmeegled in behind and were inside at last.

we only had one hour and we told ourselves SOMEONE will let us in and we will have a lesson before we leave.  took the elevator up the 6Th floor and started our way down, talked with a few nice people; but not much, then a we knocked on another door and the lady let us in, we had a lesson with her and her 15 year old daughter; left her with a book of mormon; got her number and set up another rendez vous the next day, after we left, we said; hey that would be cool if someone else let us in, the next floor down; we spoke with another lady; i told her we would only take 25 minutes; and she let us in; we ended up staying for a while, had another lesson, got number and set up a rendez vous for tomorrow; next floor down we found a family from portugal, who had been baptized there in the church and were now living here but not going to church; we talked with them; got their number and set up a rendez vous the next; day; it was pretty funny.  then we left and i got a phone call from  a less active, evelyn, she told me how she was beat by her husband the night before, he is not a member and hates the church; she asked us to come over; we went over; gave her a blessing, told her to go to the cops asap; and to talk with the bishop because he works with the police and will know exactly what to do.  Now she is coming back to church with her two daughters; so thats great.

Francois is still doing great; and he is going to recieve the priesthood this sunday; im excited for him

district meeting went great with President, smooth as a babies bottom

by the way there is a facebook for the mission that presidents wife has started; and she puts pictures and what not up on the site; i dont know what the page is called; but im sure you can find it, if you search facebook enough

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