Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 10th

before i forget, yes i am staying in cergy for another transfer; we just got the email with all the transfer decisions on saturday; i was 90 percent sure i was going to stay anyway; because you spend two transfers together when you have a blue, so i will be here for another 6 weeks; still district leader; and we are getting two other elders moving into our apartment this next transfer; so there will be 4 missionaries in our area; which is the way is used to be, cool cool, i know them both; and theyre both pretty chill; so itll be good to see them in couple days

we fixed a baptismal date this last week with fran├žois; an african man about 42 years old; he loves us haha, he came to church yesterday and couldnt stop talking about how much he liked it; it was good to see. the fact that everyone contributes; its like a family. good stuff; so he will be getting baptized the 29 of september, we found him when we were doing some contacting in a parc at cergy prefecture; not too much success; but i saw him sitting on the bench eating some foods; we went up and talked with him; now hes got a baptismal date and LEGIT

we had fixed a goal to have 10 investigators at church this sunday haha; which alot of people thought was pretty outrageous; but we worked hard and by saturday night we had a good 8 that confirmed to come to church the next morning and 7 more that were maybies, then sunday morning when i checked the phone, thats when i saw all the missed calls and texts of everyone saying they couldnt come haha; ah man thats the worst; but fran├žois and one other of our investigators came so thats good. i would say we had about 20 invited to come; and 2 actually came; soooo if we invite 100 people this week then we should get 10 right?? haha we refixed the goal again this week; and now it WILL HAPPEN; ha

all else is going great; im going to try and bake a cake tomorrow for a less active family we are going to see; im just praying just it wont be sooo disgusting as to push them even farther away from the church ha nah i kid i kid.

all else is well; alot of finding; praying; searching; teaching; meeting some really interesting people; ups and downs, happy times; depressed times, but then happy times again

as for the package; yeah i would love some peanut butter cups; but chuck in whatever you want; it will be much appreciated; whatever frosts your cookies; 

much love

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