Sunday, September 30, 2012

A good week....

this week has been interesting, we spent alot of time in paris; doing n'importe quoi, but it had to be done, so week 2 of the transfer was a little harder to reach our goals; and i personally believe its the most important week of a transfer, but thats just elder webber.  we had to go into paris for my fils legality; to get his visa and what not; that took up the whooole day, so the trainers; elder burgess and my old mtc comp included went out and did some contacting to pass the time; bought a tie, and this arab girl; taught me how to write my name in arab; so the time was well filled, i did have to cancel 3 rendez-vous; because all the blues took too long; and we were all late; joobies.

then zone conference on thursday; that took up the whole day; but it was GREAT, learned alot of great stuff. afterwards i had my exchange with elder florence in my district; we went out to his ville; in chartres, a little town, very old, they are struggling over there, while i was there i opened an ensiegn while eating dinner and saw an article with the chartres cathedral; which i could see out the window; the article was about how the parabole of the good samratin 
actually explains the plan of salvation; and the stain glass windows in the chartres cathedral depicted it, wow what a crazy coincidence, those early christian writers were smart.  and on saturday was stake conference, normally missionaries dont go to the saturday session, but president wanted all the missionaries in the paris and paris east zones to go; and we sang the mission song and a hymn, because the whole session was centered on missionary work; it was actually pretty dang cool

last p day after emails i got a haircut; we went to saint christophe to look for a barbershop; i wanted to mix it up a bit and not just shave my head like usual; found the cheapest; and arab barber shop; 8 euros; not bad; i told him to give me the classic; now i look like an arab; super short on the sides and longer on top, he busted out the razor and lined me up, very well done indeed; them arabs do know how to cut air; ill give that to em

we set another baptismal date yesterday; with rodrigue; and francois is still going great; so if all goes well; francois will be getting baptized the 29 of september and rodrigue the 20 october

work is going great; my comp is exhausted haha... he needs to start eating fruits and veggies

much love

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