Sunday, September 16, 2012

For Sept 3rd...

wow kids village; lucky joseph, lucky indeed. And chaperone at a timpanogos stomp, ooohh wow; partay whoot whoot; whoot whoot.  Tis good to hear that the australia and nz trip went well; how is grandma and grandpa doing? That is crazy that ben is in highschool; and zach is a senior; annd mariah in 8th grade; im pretty sure i dont remember a thing from the 8th grade.  When is Bens curfew now? ha

This week was a week up some ups and downs.  the louvre was great; but we did pretty much do the classic run around try and see all the cool stuff in as little amount of time as possible thing; ha; i barely even remember glancing at the mona lisa before turning around taking a bunch of photos getting owned by all the little asian dudes then bouncing that joint as quick as possible.  I thought the egyptian artifacts section was the best; a mummified cat and alligator; ooooh how legit.  the renassaince floor, meh; just alot of buff naked dudes

tuesday i did my exchange with the zone leaders; went down to the center of paris, spent the night; we had a rendez vous with christine; a 50 year old or so lady that i found up in here in cergy a couple months ago; passed her down to the paris ZLS because thats where she lives; now shes a progressing investigtor; she refuses to call us elder; and uses our first names; she remembered my name after so many months ha.  First thing she says when we sit down to begin our lesson; "ah joshua, comment ça va, bien sûr je me souviens de ton nom; je te dis pourquoi, je te trouve... sexy, oui franchement; je ne veux pas te gêner, mais c'est vrais; tu aimes bien les grandes villes, tu es quel qu'un qui habiterait dans une ville comme paris; peut être à la venir" hahaha i just laughed; so did the ZL, wow how nice ha, but honestly we did end up having a great lesson with her; believe it or not

had zone/district conference; we split off into our different districts and soeur poznanski came and assisted my training; it went great; i talked alot with her afterwards; it was great; she said she loved it; vous parlez hardiment, she said; i speak boldy; yeeeeeaaahhh buddy; we dont mess around in district meetings ha; good stuff good stuff

the rest of the week was alot of dissapointments and hard work; allllllot of people who didnt show up to rendez vous or would cancel; on sunday we had 5 rendez vous set up; and during the first hour of church i got 5 different texts or calls finding out one by one they all got canceled haha; woooah; a long day of finding then, but we found some cool people; so its all good.  The family didnt come to church; mmmm the mom is being a bit ridiculous; the kids are legit; but the mom is being pretty stubborn... she needs to repent.  and hey thats why we are here; right

Im excitied for the last week of the transfer; get things rolling again; 

oh yeah; in your next pachage :) umm if you could look for like some little books that are pretty much just a summary of church doctrine and have scriputes and what not; like my old collegue companion had one; it would be like God had a body of flesh of bones; and then a bunch of bible verses that kind of hint it; or priesthood and alot of verses about it; it also had brief explanations on other major world religions.

its alright if you dont find one

thanks again

much love, Elder Webber

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