Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 17th

the apartment is still pretty good with the two extra elders now; one is from my group in the MTC, he's a real jokester; we get along too well; tooo well.  and his comp in his last transfer; the one from my group is coming from a pretty rough time from down in the southern parts of the mission; some sketchy stuff; so he needed out of there; now he's in the promised land of cergy; where you CAN get over 20 lessons a week; as apposed to what they were just doing down there; 3 or 4.  

we all just went to the HIMALAYA restaurant; Indian and Pakistani restaurant; dont worry we told them we were australian... haha yeah ive heard about the news about all the muslims, its pretty sketch, but whatever.  The food was great; all you can eat buffet for 12 euros; and that included ice cream bar; the peeps there were laughing at how much food we were eating; and they told us to come back haha thata boys my pakistani homies!!

fran├žois is going so great; came to church again, solid dude

the other family that we have been seeing for a while; we went and saw again; REPENTANCE was the theme of our message; and i think they got the point; "no we are not here to have bible study twice a week"

i have sooo many exchanges to do this week; and zone conference and stake conference; so its going to be pretty stressful and i just hope that my blue remembers where to go for the the rendez vous that we set up, i guess we'll see

yesterday we were doing some contacting; we had some spare time before our rendez vous with fran├žois and frere kimbembe, we did some contacting around cergy prefecture; "little africa/morocco" we walked by all the parked buses and one of the dudes knocked on the window; he opened his door and asked as who we were; he was arab, we told him and he invited us in the bus haha no worries i made sure the taliban wasnt hiding behind the back seat; turned out to have a pretty good lesson with him in the bus; and he invited us to drop by again any other afternoon when he is parked there

things are going pretty well; really trying to find those "prepared" people these first couple weeks of the transfer; because they will be the ones we will be baptizing at the end

much love

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