Monday, June 25, 2012

The New Area---work to do...


cergy is pretty cool; umm probably some of the hardest days of my mish so far, i got into paris, and went to the church to get my new comp, aaalll the missionaries on exchange day, go into the mother nest paris; and then leave as soon as possible to go to their new area, i met my comp, and i was ready to go head out to cergy, only to find out that we would be staying there until 6 at night; so from 9 in the morning till 6 at night i was hauling noobss luggage around through the metros all day, sweating my face off, but that all good; finally got out to the apartment; didnt unpack my stuff cuz we were already late, next day had a lesson with an old catholic woman, who is very invested in her church; went okay, finally we came back and we had some time to plan, and discuss, found out that, that is the only investigator they have, absolutely ridiculous, i heard tooons of good things about cergy and how great it is; lots of work; great ward; it makes me wonder what has been going on here the past 2 transfers.  My comp finishes his mission at the end of this transfer; im just going to say it; hes pretty dead, in fact he told me straight up, just try and help me not become a dead missionary by the end of this; oohh great great, great. but hes coming along, theres been some really frustrating moments already, but this week will be better, it was almost emberassing calling in the numbers the other day.  But i spoke with ZL elder peterson quite a bit today during paris pday, he said his situation is just as bad if not worse; hes been wondering whats been going on down here too, he was up in brusseles with me too, when president said he needed us to "help out, and be that example" before shipping us down here; i didnt think it would be this different; but it is; annnnd its all good, balls out, no worries, just the dirty work; now; contacting contacting contacting, i know that my comp is just gonna loooooove that, but i dont give a rats tiddily wink, cuz apparently there wasnt very much of it the past four or five months.

cergy is a nice place though; we get all the benefits of paris without having to actually be in the busy downtown city area; youre right; out in the suburbs a bit; we go into paris about twice a week for district meeting and when it is our shift at the visitors center.  Theres for sure, more french down here; i love it.  talking with the members and what not; working out the rust from a long stay in bruxelles ha.  Today was paris Pday; all the paris missionaries; go into paris and we play football at one of the parks, they use to play by the eiffel tower but they got kicked off of there; so we played at some other place; owned the noobs, wore the hot dog shirt as well. hows rugby going for zach and ben?

Thats legit to hear about the all blacks; it will be interesting to see what the lineup looks like by the time i get back.  theres a family in the ward; the pettit family; the dad is from new zealand and played rugby for byu; im not sure what years though; i also met a lady who works in the paris ward, who knew grandma hutt; she was from new zealand as well; but i forgot her name.

what did petes mom have to say??
Joseph Nichols is doing great too

as for that mcguinn story, thats fresh; i like that.  I see way too many missionaries that are going home here, or close too it; and thats all they talk about, they want to leave as soon as possible, its kinda sad; i think ive met maybe one so far; who was honestly sad about going home and didnt want to, thats definitly the same way i want to be; i dont think about now because ive got tooons of time left; im just getting started baby! but thats interesting

ah yesh before i forget, my new address

Cergy, France
56 Blvd de l'evasion N° 301 

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