Monday, June 18, 2012

Transferred Back to Paris....

I got the news this week that i am getting transfered, im going to
Cergy, one of the paris suburbs in the paris zone; as district leader,
so im pretty excited, me and elder hall got a phone call this morning
from president and his wife; saying congratulations for the great week
we had this week, so that was pretty cool, ill be packing my bags
tonight and tomorrow night, leave on wednesday morning; take the train
down to paris.  I will miss Bruxelles alot; this place is pretty
legit, i feel like ive done my part here; when me and elder dicataldo
white washed in, the missionaries before us just left us crap; now its
legit and i love it.  we have a baptismal date set for pierre on June
30, and plan on setting 2 more right before i leave; so thats legit;
too bad i wont be able to see them.

The frites were delicious by the way! over 50 kinds of sauces; fried
twice in two different kinds of oil for just the perfect crispiness.
We went over to colettes and gracias a couple days ago; we had dinner;
and then they turned off the lights and brought out the birthday cake,
it was pretty cool, gave me a couple presents, and wrote me a card, in
english en plus.

A lady we contacted a few weeks ago; now has a baptismal date from the
sister missionaries; she told the sister missionaries that she had a
dream, she was knocking a door and it was locked and couldnt get in,
then two guys came up and told where she could find the door; after
her dream she didnt want to tell anyone about it because they would
think she is weird; but then we contacted her, and she said thats why
she stopped, i saw her at church yesterday; said hello, so now she and
her two boys are gonna get baptized on the 30 of june as well

There was a member visiting our ward yesterday; from Fiji; so i
started talking to him, and of course he knows the whippys, he use to
play rugby with them, wow the world is a small place, hes at byu
hawaii now, but says hes trying to get to byu provo, so maybe i will
play with him too ha, hes a fullback, jimmy

buuut anyway, im saying my goodbyes to all the homies here in
brusseles; paul our bouncer friends; and all our investigators, France
is really suffering in comparison to Belgium, so president came up to
our district meeting and told us that for those who leave back to
france; its imortant to have the same expectations as here, yatta

anyway; thanks again, much love

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