Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I can honestly say that i am exhausted this Pday; its been a crazy long week; and we got the best numbers that weve ever had on our missions so far; only came second to the zone leaders; they did well, president gave us a call and told us to keep up the good work; yeeeah buddy; gribaumont apartment; going strong;
The zone conference with Elder Teixiera was sooo legit; i loved it.  The lille zone; my old zone from france came up, so we were both in it. i got to see Elder Burgess, talked with him quite a bit, chill guy.  Pretty much The 70s in the church are legit, they know; and they know that they know. they are not afraid to show it. he started off by saying; i have pearls for you today; but im not going to give pearls to the swine, so i hope that you have spiritually prepared to recieve my message today.  so pretty intense; almost scary; actually it was scary.  A couple years ago; Elder Bednar came to this mission; he came to one of the zone conferences; he got up to the pulpit, and said, you aren't ready for revelation; and he left; needless to say the mission president was furious with those missionaries that day.  

Anyway the past month or so i have had a deep doctrine kind of question about desire; im not going to try and explain it on here now, but i had discussed and argued with just about every missionary about it with no response, so with a little push from the other missionaries i decided i would ask Elder Teixiera, after the conference while shaking hands, with everyone; i finally got up there; shook his hand and asked if i could ask him a personal question; he said yes, i met with him later in the bishops offiice, i asked him my question; i was kinda nervous; he looked at me for a long time; and started talking.... he did not answer my question; and i am COMPLETELY okay with that in hindsite because his response was much more important to me; he took a deep question about something else and turned it into something important for me, and i think he knew that; he said; i am proabably not going to answer your question; but i feel that what i have to say is something that you need to hear.  That short interview changed the way i look at my mission; dont worry i wrote it down; it was a very special experience
other than that; we have worked really hard this past week and plan to do better in the week to come, president saw that there were no baptismal dates fixed for this week; so made an anouncement that there will be baptisms this week; no questions asked, he said there are people our there who are ready to be baptized this week; so our search has begun and now we have our potential prospects, i first i wasnt seeing any baptisms for most likely my last transfer here in Brusselles; but now i see one.
anyway much love
let me know whats up
peace out

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