Monday, June 11, 2012

Got Lost ...

Thank you for the package; it was awesome, the hot dog tee shirt was too good, i wear it when we go jogging in the morning, i get some interesting looks.  The quote book is awesome; now i look even wiser to the other elders ha.  

On saturday, we i went on a mini exchange with Elder Bishop, because they are passing us a family, and they have been seeing them for a while, multiple baptismal dates but they keep getting pushed back, so i was the "representative" for our companionship, we had to take a train up north to dutch speaking part of belgium, outside our mission actually, the rendez vous went great, i know the kids pretty well; diana and eric, so i was able to be pretty bold with them; saying they havnt been doing their part, i did it in a loving way though, it went great, but we took the wrong train back, there was a delayed train that came exactly when ours did; so we ended up going an hour north even more; to a small down called saint nicholas, santa clauses home town; we changed trains; and we were home really late haha; word got out and the first words the zone leaders asked me were "spreckin zee deutch?" haha we just laughed it off.

Today we are going to the best friterie in brusseles; apparently word on the street is that they are the most legit ever; they fry them three different times in three different oils; with over 50 choices of SAUCES!  And then we are hitting up the basilica; going to the top, apparently you can see all of brussels from up there, so itll be cool.

We are planning on inviting one of our best investigators to be baptized this saturday, hes legit, so we are going to make it happen.  I continue to learn more magic tricks; gracia and collette are two baptisms we had a while a back; are pretty impressed, they tell me what works and what doesnt; how to make it look better.  I would be okay serving another transfer here in brusseles; but i do miss france a little bit.  So Aaron is doing pretty legit; thats great.

Anyway; thanks again for the package and the news; much love

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