Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hate Being SICK!

those pictures are hilarious.  Joseph does look kind of different; but still has his pukunui.  Beach boys for stadium of fire; wow i didnt know they were still alive, KFC, yeesshhh, there is one right by our chapel here; where im doing emails; so i might have to shmeegle some as well.  

on wednesday, so 5 days ago; my comp decided to make some chili for the district meeting; it was great chili; no lies but then during our exchange later that night me and elder florence both woke up at 4 in the morning and owned the toilette like a noob, couldnt sleep after either; my comp also got sick; so we have been sick with food poisoning these past 5 days; still pooing out liquid; i dont think i had ever been so sick in my life; or so miserable, we called sister poznanski, which is a rule when youre sick and she told us alot of stuff and to go to the doctor; so we went and that was just a testimony to me of how worthless french doctors are; oh my word, we were able to go to church; but we really didnt look happy to be there. but we are feeling better now. just been eating rice with ketchup. we used up 4 roles of toilette paper in a day and a half.

so in all honesty its been a less than perfect week; just laying and suffering on the couch.  its kind of difficult to get things rolling again; i find myself a little stressed out; hoping my comp will keep the desire, members crying about anything and everything; the ward mission leader who thinks hes the boss and does absolutely nothing.  sometimes things are just way more complicated than they need to be, find teach and baptize people; thats all it is, everything else reaaaally does not matter.

I think i need to set a goal to be more optimistic haha

The bright side; there was a member who cooked us rice and brought us tons and tons of medicine, offered to drive us anywhere; and another member who brought over some weird fish herbal oil that are suppose to help heal us ha, but suuuper nice peeps, so its all good.  Today is P day and we are going into paris to look for some new pants for my comp, reenergize; renew and start week 4 of the transfer, turn things around

hmm as for the package ha; whatever you wanna throw in there will be greatly appreciated

much love 

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